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Push Button Start ~ "Hands Free"
Passive Keyless Entry with Alarm

The iKey™ is our most advanced RFID Push Button Start / Keyless Ignition System, combined with our Passive Keyless Entry & Alarm System. It completely eliminates the need for a traditional ignition switch and provides "Hands Free" vehicle Access and Security for any vehicle.

iKEY includes:

(1) 2GO-PBS-2 Push Button Start module
(1) 2GO-PKE "Hands Free" Passive Keyless Entry module
(1) 2GO-iKey RFID Transponder tag
(1) 2GO-BTN-T1 T1 Start Button (brushed steel)
(1) 2GO-EBC Emergency Bypass Transponder Card "Passive"

Keyless Features

Advanced RFID technology

Revolutionary New "Dual Frequency ~ Dual Encrypted" RFID Technology

The iKey™ uses the latest advances in RFID technology to deliver a level of security even better then many OEM systems. Each iKey™ is completely unique, one of over 6 billion different codes
One iKey does all your vehicles

One iKey™ can operate every vehicle you own!

The iKey™ operates using our exclusive DFDE (Dual Frequency~Dual Encryption) communication technology Slim and sleek, the iKey™ is only 2.7" X 2" X 1/4" Small enough to fit in you wallet but powerful enough to claim the title of: The ultimate in vehicle security and convenience!
Intrusion monitoring

Intrusion Monitoring

The iKey™ adds "Trigger" Inputs that can be connected to any traditional Alarm sensors for additional monitoring against vehicle intrusion.
Visual notification

Visual Lock & Unlock Notification

2GO Keyless™ notifies you when your doors Lock and Unlock with a flash of your parking lights as you approach and exit. If you accidentally leave a door OPEN when you leave your vehicle, 2GO Keyless™ alerts you with three quick flashes as you exit your vehicle.
Dual antenna system

Dual-Antenna System

Able to effectively operate on everything from a small sub-compact to full size SUV, the iKey™ dual antenna design guarantees consistent range and performance regardless of vehicle size.
Remote trunk release

Remote Trunk Unlock

Just "Squeeze" the iKey to open your trunk. For vehicles with power trunk latches, just program the systems 2nd channel to operate as a remote trunk release.
Engine lock out

Engine Lock Out

In addition to the security of always knowing your vehicle is locked, iKey™ locks out your entire ignition so that your vehicle can only be started when you are present with your iKey™.
Ignition triggered lock/unlock

Ignition Triggered Lock / Unlock

With iKey™ custom feature select, you can select to have the system automatically lock your doors after turning ON the ignition and automatically unlock when the ignition is turned OFF.
Dual color LEDs

Dual Color LED

A high output Blue/Red LED warns would-be thieves your vehicle is protected and keeps you informed of system status.
Emergency bypass card

Emergency Bypass Card

Should you ever lose or damage your iKey™ the system includes an Emergency Backup Transponder Card to always guarantee you access to your vehicle.
Operates custom door handles

Operates Shaved or Lambo Door Handles

For Custom vehicles with special access requirements, the systems second channel can be configured to provide manual operation of Shaved or Lambo style door handles.


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