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$699.00 each
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Want an extra fob? (1 supplied with system)

Push Button Start ~ "Hands Free"
Passive Keyless Entry with Alarm & Remote Start

The iKey RS is our most advanced RFID Push Button Start / Keyless Ignition System, combined with our PKE Passive Keyless Entry & Alarm System and Remote Start. It completely eliminates the need for a traditional ignition switch and provides "Hands Free" vehicle Access and Security and Remote Starting for any vehicle.

iKEY RS includes:

(1) 2GO-PBS-2        Push Button Start module
(1) 2GO-PKE/ALM    "Hands Free" Passive Keyless Entry & Alarm / Remote Start
(1) 2GO-iKey           RFID Transponder tag
(1) 2GO-BTN-T1      T1 Start Button (brushed steel)
(1) 2GO-EBC           Emergency Bypass Transponder Card "Passive"
(1) 2GO-SRN           110db Multi-Tone Siren


Advanced RFID technologyRevolutionary New "Dual Frequency ~ Dual Encrypted" RFID Technology

The iKey™ uses the latest advances in RFID technology to deliver a level of security even better then many OEM systems. Each iKey™ is completely unique, one of over 6 billion different codes

One iKey does all your vehiclesOne iKey™ operates every vehicle you own!

The iKey™ operates using our exclusive DFDE (Dual Frequency~Dual Encryption) communication technology Slim and sleek, the iKey™ is only 2.7" X 2" X 1/4" Small enough to fit in you wallet but powerful enough to claim the title of: The ultimate in vehicle security and convenience!

Intrusion monitoringIntrusion Monitoring

The iKey™ adds "Trigger" Inputs that can be connected to any traditional Alarm sensors for additional monitoring against vehicle intrusion.


Visual notificationVisual Lock & Unlock Notification

2GO Keyless™ notifies you when your doors Lock and Unlock with a flash of your parking lights as you approach and exit. If you accidentally leave a door OPEN when you leave your vehicle, 2GO Keyless™ alerts you with three quick flashes as you exit your vehicle. 

Dual antenna systemDual-Antenna System

Able to effectively operate on everything from a small sub-compact to full size SUV, the iKey™ dual antenna design guarantees consistant range and performance regardless of vehicle size. 

Remote trunk releaseRemote Trunk Unlock

Just "Squeeze" the iKey to open your trunk. For vehicles with power trunk latches, just program the systems 2nd channel to operate as a remote trunk release. 


Engine lock outEngine Lock Out

In addition to the security of always knowing your vehicle is locked, iKey™ locks out your entire ignition so that your vehicle can only be started when you are present with your iKey™. 


Ignition triggered lock/unlockIgnition Triggered Lock / Unlock

With iKey™ custom feature select, you can select to have the system automatically lock your doors after turning ON the ignition and automatically unlock when the ignition is turned OFF.


Dual color LEDsDual Color LED

A high output Blue/Red LED warns would-be thieves your vehicle is protected and keeps you informed of system status.  


Emergency bypass cardEmergency Bypass Card

Should you ever lose or damaged your iKey™ the system includes an Emergency Backup Transponder Card to always guarantee you access to your vehicle. 


Operates custom door handlesOperates Shaved or Lambo Door Handles

For Custom vehicles with special access requirements, the systems second channel can be configured to provide manual operation of Shaved or Lambo style door handles.

LEDs in 3 different colorsStart Button with LED Status Indicator

All 2GO Keyless™ come standard with our "T1 style" stainless steel LED Illuminated Start Switch. This is a top quality / heavy duty cycle switch with an attractive "soft brushed" finish. An Illuminated LED ring indicates system status. Switches are pre-wired to a 36" plug in harness. Available in 3 LED colors; RED, BLUE or GREEN

System control module

System Control Module

All high current relays are right on board, with individually controlled circuits for Starter, Ignition and two separate Accessory circuits. One ACC circuit switches OFF during starter crank (to minimize current draw from components like A/C) and another that stays ON (for components such as computers).

Remote engine startingRemote Engine Starting

We've taken the most popular accessory of the decade and built it right into our top of the line 2GO Keyless™ system. Now with just a press on your iKey™ you can remotely start your engine to warm your vehicle on the winter or cool it down in the summer. No extra modules to buy and nothing more to install. 

Choice of start buttonsChoice of Start Buttons

Customize your Ultimate Keyless installation even more with one of our optional Start Buttons choices. We start with of the most beautiful OEM buttons available and individually modify them to work with 2GO Keyless™
It's the perfect finishing touch!

Emergency bypassEmergency Bypass

Should you ever lose or damaged your iKey™ the system includes a Emergency Backup Transponders Card. This "Passive" transponder card requires no batteries to operate, so you always have guaranteed access to your vehicle.
A 2GO KEYLESS™ exclusive feature!

Brake pedal activationBrake pedal controlled switching

Want to operate accessories without starting your engine? Use the Brake to select between different Ignition modes:
"Accessory Only Mode" ( Radio )
"Accessory + Ignition Mode" (Heating / Fans / Radio )
*** At any time you can go directly to "Start Mode"

Factory security disarmFactory Security Disarm

If your vehicle already has some level of OEM Factory security system installed, the 2GO Keyless™ PKE module will control all Arming and Disarming of your factory system automatically!


Bypass controlData / Bypass Module Control Wire

Whether you have a factory "Chip in the Key" system, or the latest in CANbus digital electronics. Our advance design allows 2GO Keyless™ to be compatible with all electrical systems from classic cars to the newest computerized electrical systems of 2010 vehicles.
*** May require additional integration data / bypass module

See the iKey in Action

GTO - iKey install

2Go Keyless PKE Passive Keyless Entry System

Legend Mustang Keyless Ignition System

iKey Push Button Start in 2010 Mustang

Keyless 2008 Subara STI

Our Keyless Customers

2GO KEYLESS - Choice of Super Heroes

Push Button Start Crazy

Don't Get Left Out In The Cold

How hard is the 2GO Keyless system to install?

The answer depends on which system you choose, your end goals and particulars of your vehicle.  The PKE “Passive Keyless Entry” Module Installation is comparable to a traditional alarm typically 1-1.5 hours. Professional installation is recommended.  Installing both PKE “Passive Keyless Entry” & PBS “Push Button Start” Modules compares more to a remote start system if you have the push-start system; however, Professional installation is recommended typically 3+ hours. (Depending on location of Start Button and lock release method of steering column).

What else will I need to install the system in my vehicle?

If your car has a “chip in your key” security system you will likely require a Security Bypass module.  This module allows the vehicle to start without a key being present and are a common accessory also used for installation of Remote Start systems. Bypass modules are available from several manufacturers; such as idatalink.com or DEI an are usually stocked by most all alarm /remote start shops.

Can I use my own button with your push button module?

Yes, Any Momentary ON/OFF 12V button can be used.

Will the system also let me remotely open my trunk?

Yes, the iKey has internal buttons that when pressed control a independent 2nd channel. This 2nd channel can be used to open a trunk, auto roll up windows or anything else you would like to remotely operate.

What happens if I lose my iKey?

If you ever lose or damage your iKey you can always access and start your vehicle by using your “Emergency Bypass” card.

 Does the Vehicle shut off when I walk away?

For safety reasons, once the iKey has authorized the ignition the vehicle will not shut off or rearm until 30 seconds after you shut off the vehicle ignition and just walk away. If you dropped your iKey while going down the freeway your vehicle would not just “shut off”. You will have to first turn the engine off using the Start Button for the system to arm.

If I change the battery to my vehicle does the iKey need to be reprogrammed?

The 2GO Keyless system has a non-volatile memory and will not lose code when disconnected from power.

What if I’m sitting in the vehicle and I want to turn on the radio?

You can turn on only Accessories by pushing the Start Button without placing your foot on the brake.  This will bypass the “Start mode”. When your ready to start. just place your foot on the brake and push the start button again.
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Everybody wants to see it work. It so tight. No alarm anywhere compares to the Dawg!
Thao Nguyen

Awesome upgrade! I'm now totally keyless! I just walk up and get in, Push the start button and Go! It's even cooler then I imagined it would be. What else can I say, I love it!
Tony Gillette

I am extremely happy with the Guard Dawg Keyless ignition system. I contacted the company with a few questions before I bought. The representative was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. I would highly recommend the Guard Dawg to Anyone!
Rick Mayfield

The Guard Dawg is the best option I've ever added to my truck. It was easy to install, works just like promised. Looks and operates beautiful. I'm extremely happy.
Hector Creveco

I was excited when I first read about the Digital Guard Dawg but it has exceeded all my expectations. It works like a dream, my car knows it me when I walk up, the LED button is beautiful (especially at night). Not messing with buttons or keys is awesome. You have a real winner guys!
Tom Morton


All 2GO KEYLESS™ systems come with a Billet style 22mm Start Button included in your choice of RED / BLUE / GREEN. Optional upgraded Start Buttons are available in a variety of Billet and OEM styles and sizes. Each Start Button includes a 36" harness with matching system connector for plug & play installation.
(No additional start button wiring is required)

Included BILLET Style Start Button

Choose from RED BLUE or GREEN

All 2GO KEYLESS™ push button start systems include a BILLET Style 22mm Start Button. Buttons are top quality, heavy duty cycle, anti-vandal grade switches. Made of medical grade stainless steel with an attractive "soft brushed" finish. Buttons have an Illuminated LED ring that lights up when you come into vehicle proximity, flashes when you ready to start and provides additional system status information. Buttons are 22mm / .86 inch diameter and 1.3 inch deep with a 36" nylon sleeved harness and connector that plugs into the system module. Buttons are available in your choice of three LED colors; RED, BLUE, GREEN to custom match your interior lighting scheme.
* Choose the color or style of your button in the dropdown above.
22mm billet

Choose your button

BILLET Style - Optional Sizes


ADD $24.00

ADD $24.00

New "slim line"Lexus® OEM style start button

Lexus slimlineLexus slimline

The easiest install everThe 2GO-SL Lexus® style start button was inspired by the elegant look of the popular Lexus® start button and the desire to create a start button that could be easily installed in any vehicle. The 2GO-SL button is only 1/4" thick and connected by a 3' nylon sleeved harness that simply plugs in to the 2GO Keyless control modules. This revolutionary design allows the 2GO-SL button to be mounted virtually anywhere with ease. No more need to cut a large hole in your dash or be concerned with how much clearance is behind the dash. The kit comes with a "Mounting Platform" and "Finish Trim Ring" that will even allow you to mount the 2GO-SL button directly over an existing ignition switch for a beautiful factory finished look to every install.

this to this


Modified OEM Factory Push start Buttons

OEM Start Buttons are individually modified to work specifically with the 2GO KEYLESS™ systems. References to button "type" indicates only the OEM button type that was used as the primary component.

LEXUS® Start Switch

This beautiful Start Button from Lexus offers back lit elegance and a 3 color LED ( Yellow, Red, Amber ) to indicate system status. This Start Button will give a finished factory look to any vehicle.

LX Start Swith Add $89.00

Toyota® Power Start Switch

We have taken the popular Start Switch from Toyota® Prius and converted it to operate the 2GO KEYLESS™ module.

The 3 color LED (Yellow, Red, Amber) positioned directly above the buttons POWER insignia provides system status information.

PWR-1 Start Switch Add $59.00

HONDA® S2000 Start Switch

We have taken the popular S2000 Start Switch from HONDA® and converted it to operate the 2GO KEYLESS™ module.

These converted S2000 Start Switches have been enhanced with internal high output LED illumination to display system status. Switch is .86 inch diameter and 2.25 inch deep with a 36" nylon sleeved harness and connector that plugs into the system module.

HSW Start Switch Add $89.00

Nissan® Start Switch style NZ1

We have taken the popular factory Start Switch from Nissan® and converted it to work with the 2GO KEYLESS™ module.


NZ-1 Start Switch $119.00

Nissan® Start Switch style NZ2

We have taken the popular factory Start Switch from Nissan® and converted it to work with the 2GO KEYLESS™ module.

NZ-2 Start Switch Add $119.00

BMW® Start Switch Type 1

We have taken the popular factory Start Switch from BMW® and converted it to work with the 2GO KEYLESS™ module. simple and understated, the perfect addition to the classic BMW interior.

BSW-1 Start Switch Add $109.00

BMW® Start Switch Type 2

Classic Looks & Style are understatements when it comes to BMW® and the discerning owners who drive them. We have converted this Elegant Switch to compliment the interior of a BMW® or any Luxury luxury vehicle when installing a 2GO KEYLESS Module.

2GO KEYLESS is 2 Go in style……….

BSW-2 Start Switch Add $189.00

Aston Martin® Start Switch Type 2

Even James Bond would be envious of having this beautifully laser etched solid crystal start button. Dual color (Red / White) LED back lighting indicates system status.

Aston MartinAston Martin

ASM Start Switch Add $389.00