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2GO KEYLESS™- Intelligent Push Button Start systems completely eliminates your vehicle ignition switch and lets you securely operate your vehicle with just the push of a button!

Using similar security technology as found on Mercedes, Corvette and Lexus. This first of its kind product gives your car complete “Hands Free” convenience just like found on the worlds finest luxury automobiles. Simply carry one of the systems digital RFID “iTags” with you. (Radio Frequency Identification Device) As you come into proximity of your vehicle, 2GO KEYLESS™ verifies your identity, authorizes your ignition and with just the “Push of a Button” your engine roars to life! When you arrive at your destination, another push turns your engine off and you...

Just walk away. . . .

PBS-I 271x225


Complete RFID Push Button Start System for vehicles w/o power door locks

2GO-PBS-I is a fully integrated RFID Push Button Start / Keyless Ignition System. It completely eliminates the need for a traditional ignition switch on any vehicle. The 2GO-PBS-I .is designed for installs where NO extra output channels for power locks, windows or truck release are required.. You just walk away. . . . .

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Complete RFID Push Button Start System with 5 output channels for power locks or other power accessories.

2GO-PBS-II RFID Push Button Start / Keyless Ignition with 5 output channels, Expands your possibilities even further with the ability to remotely control power locks, shaved doors, power windows and trunk all from one iTag™ transponder Are you building something special and needing one unit that can do it all? Then the 2GO-PBS-II is just what your looking for !

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Complete RFID Push Button Start System Operates using Texas Instruments® Proximity Card.

2GO-PBS-TR RFID Push Button Start / Keyless Ignition with Texas Instruments®  TIRIS ® Proximity Technology.  The control module energizes when the TI Prox card in placed with in 6" of the systems hidden antenna. TI proximity cards have no batteries to go dead and are completely waterproof making this a great choice for Jeeps / open cab vehicles or anywhere close proximity ignition control is desired.

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2GOKEYLESS™ Push Button Start X-pansion Modules

PBS-X 271X225PBS-X

(formerly PBS-III)

Push Button Start X-pansion Module

Adds Push Button Start to vehicles with an existing alarm

2GO-PBS-X  Is the perfect solution for those who want to add the convenience and elegance of a Keyless Push Button Start system to a vehicle which already has a high end alarm system with traditional keyless entry installed.   The Push Button Start / Keyless Ignition system operates using your alarms existing alarm remote transmitters and eliminates the need to carry two different transmitters with you.

See the 2GO-PBS-X