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Complete RFID Push Button Start System with 5 output channels for power locks or other power accessories.

- Intelligent Push Button Start systems completely eliminate your vehicle ignition switch and lets you securely operate your vehicle with just the push of a button!

-Uses similar security technology as found on Mercedes, Corvette and Lexus-A professional quality RFID solution that provides proximity controlled automatic operation of your entire Ignition system, just like the world’s finest luxury vehicles.Simply carry one of the systems digital RFID “iTags” with you. (Radio Frequency Identification Device) As you come into proximity of your vehicle, 2GO KEYLESS™ verifies your identity, authorizes your ignition and with just the “Push of a Button” your engine roars to life!When you arrive at your destination, another push turns your engine off and you Just walk away. . .


2GO-PBS-II RFID Push Button Start / Keyless Ignition with 5 output channels.

The iTag™

TX2-PBSII-Expands your possibilities even further, with the ability to remotely control power locks, shaved doors, power windows and trunk all from one iTag™ transponder!
Are you building something special and needing one unit that can do it all? Then the 2GO-PBS-II is just what your looking for! This advanced control module puts almost unlimited control right at your finger tips. The 2GO-PBS-II does the work of multiple control modules all in one clean easy to install package.

Five Independent Feature Control Channels

Each of the iTags™ hidden buttons is able to operate two individual feature channels by sensing the difference between a “Short Push” or a “Long Push”. These four independent selectable feature channels are user programmable (either Latched or Pulse) so they can be used for virtually any option such as Remote Keyless Entry, Shaved Door “Pop” (single/dual), Remote Trunk release, Automatic Window Roll up, Lighting or Video activation or whatever else you can dream up. In addition, the PBS II has a 5th "Proximity Channel" that activates automatically when you approach your vehicle. This channel can be used to activate lighting or any other device you choose. Very Cool!

Being able to select whether the iTag™ operates in Manual or Automatic mode allows you to control what features YOU want to operate at a car show while still keeping your vehicle completely protected.

iTags™ are powered by an easily replaceable extended life lithium battery that typically lasts one year. Up to 5 unique ITags™ can be programmed into each system, Additionally a single ITag™ can be programmed into multiple vehicles allowing its user to operate all his / her vehicles, motorcycles, boats or other toys by carrying just one ITag™. Ruggedly made from high impact material, ITag™s reliably perform first time every time.

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