Vehicle Anti-Theft and Driver Management Systems

“Hands Free” RFID Anti-Theft Security Solutions for Anything You Drive or Operate

Looking for Powerful Anti-Theft Protection for Your Vehicles or Equipment?

There’s no better choice in high tech vehicle protection then the Digital Guard Dawg Anti-Theft system.
The Guard Dawg Vehicle Anti-Theft device uses RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification), the same technology that protects today’s finest luxury vehicles and provides access to high security buildings.
Just carry the Guard Dawg key fob in your pocket and as you approach your vehicle, the Anti-Theft security disarms automatically, and then rearms as you walk away. It’s impossible to forget to protect your vehicle!
Want to control which driver operates what vehicles?
This same Anti-Theft device also provides a sophisticated driver management feature. You can easily create a Driver Management hierarchy that will let you to assign individual employee’s authority to operate a single vehicle or specific group of vehicles.
Made in the US by people that truly understand vehicle security, for over 14 years Digital Guard Dawg has been supplying Individuals, Fleet Owners, Law Enforcement, the US Special Forces and even the President’s Motorcade with the finest in RFID vehicle Anti-Theft protection.
Whether you’re looking for vehicle protection for one or a whole fleet of vehicles, there’s a Guard Dawg Anti-Theft system for every vehicle you own!