The system worked great not my _________ stopped working what’s going on ?

The way our system works is by controlling your bikes ignition and accessory circuits, it’s almost impossible for us to be the cause of one thing not working. In the event you suspect we are the reason for your headlight, blinker, radio, starter, or any other one specific thing not working you can always check our main wiring harness. With the bike authorized (stop/run switch on and a fob nearby) check our red wire for 12V, then make sure our red with black stripe has 12V, then check our brown wire, whatever voltage is on the brown should be coming out the red wire with white stripe. As long as this is happening it is not our unit causing ____blank ____ not to work. At this point you will want to look further down line and see if it’s a bad relay, ballast, fuse etc. causing your problem.