What about Alarm sensors or sirens?

Alarm systems and Keyless Ignition systems They approach the problems of theft in two completely different ways. The Keyless Ignition eliminates your ignition switch and makes it so you never have to use keys, Just walk up flip your Stop/Run switch, thumb the start button and go. When you’re done riding you just walk away. Its true that often the first appeal of the DGD-KIM is its convenience or the coolness factor of not having to use keys, but if the system were rated only for the level of security it provides it would still be one of the strongest on the market. Alarms typically will have a “starter interrupt” which only kills (1) circuit on your bike, “The Starter” this leaves the bike vulnerable to simply being jump started or simply hot wiring to the starter. What makes the DGD-KIM such a powerful security device is the way it works with your bikes electrical system. In the case of the DGD-KIM it is hardwired right into the bike whole ignition system, so when it’s armed no other circuit on the bike can even get power. None of the typical “jump from here to here” tricks will work. Your bike’s simply dead weight. Regarding, Single, Dual or Triple Axis sensors; As cool as they all sound, simply because of the environment a motorcycle lives in, we have never seen one that doesn’t have frequent false alarms from rain, wind or a truck driving by, this is why we don’t try and detect bumps. Also due to the limits of space on most motorcycles, it’s also extremely hard to mount a siren on a bike that can’t be found and disabled in a matter of seconds.