All Start Button Options

Billet Buttons

Billet Style Start Buttons are top quality, heavy duty cycle, anti-vandal security switches. Billet Start Buttons have an illuminated halo LED ring which lights up when you come into vehicle proximity and flashes when you’re ready to start. Billet Start Buttons come in two sizes: 22mm and 25mm (hole size) with a choice of either medical grade stainless steel with either an attractive “soft brushed” finish or black anodized finish. Billet Start Buttons include a locking nut for secure mounting and are prewired with a 36″ harness and matching system connector for plug & play installation. (No additional wiring is required)

Slimline Buttons

The Slim line Start Button was inspired by the elegant look of the popular Lexus® start button and the desire to create a start button that could be easily installed into any vehicle, even over the existing ignition key cylinder. The Slim Line Start Button is only 1/4″ thick.

This revolutionary design allows the Slim line button to be mounted virtually anywhere with ease. No more need to cut a large hole in your dash or be concerned with how much clearance is behind the dash. The kit comes with a “Mounting Platform” and “Finish Trim Ring” that will even allow you to mount the Slim Line Start Button directly over an existing ignition switch for a beautiful factory finished look to every install.

Slim Line Start Buttons are available with Red, Blue or Green Backlighting. They are prewired onto a 36″ harness with matching system connector for plug & play installation. (No additional wiring is required).