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Adding Remote Keyless Entry can be one of the most rewarding upgrades to an older or classic vehicle. This relatively simple install adds tremendous convenience and security. This easy to install kit from Digital Guard Dawg will bring your Classic or Custom vehicle into the modern ages in no time.

  • Adds Remote Lock & Unlock of up to 4 doors plus trunk.
  • Two 5 Button, 1-Way Chrome Sided Remote Control Transmitters
  • Transmitters are Code Rolling / Code Hopping encrypted for superior security
  • Honks horn / siren chirps once when locking and twice when unlocking
  • Parking light Flasher with built-In Relays (Programmable for either positive or negative lights)
  • Dash mounted Security Blue LED and Valet Switch in one
  • Up to 2000 Feet Range
  • Interior Light Output (-) With Dome light supervision
  • Automatic Starter Interrupt upon Lock (Relay included)
  • Multi Car control with a single remote
  • Proudly Designed, Engineered, and Assembled in USA
  • Installation & Owner’s guide

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EZ-TRAK - Smart Phone Control & Tracking

Add the power of EZ-TRAK to your system!EZ-TRAK is a upgrade Module and App that provides remote access to your vehicle, from virtually anywhere in the world. With a quick glance at your smartphone you can instantly confirm the safety of your vehicles or family members. Simply open the EZ-TRAK app to see the precise location of your vehicle, anytime you need. EZ-TRAK GPS Tracking is the perfect solution for enhanced security and convenience. It’s an easy Plug & Play upgrade to any Digital Guard Dawg security system. (Excludes Keyless Ignition systems)
EZ-TRAKEZ-TRAK delivers the ultimate in user convenience, giving you complete control of all features of your Digital Guard Dawg security system. It’s user friendly design features 6 easy to read “Action Buttons” that allow you to instantly; Locate your vehicle, Lock or Unlock your doors, Arm or Disarm your security and even Remote Start or Stop your engine from virtually anywhere
Real Time Location InformationEZ-TRAK represents the latest in GPS location technology. Its advanced design provides the highest level of Protection and most reliable 4G tracking money can buy! With “Real Time” location information that updates every 2 minutes you will always know where your vehicle is and be able to monitor its condition at all times. If it’s ever stolen, EZ-TRAK will help you and law enforcement recover it quickly. The mobile app displays Satellite, Map and Street Views with pinpoint accuracy. EZ-TRAK works with all your favorite IOS or Android devices including your smart phone, smart watch, tablet, or desktop
EZ-TRAK also provides a valuable set of USER ALERTS.
  • Get notified the moment your Alarm is triggered, or if vehicle’s engine is started.
  • Receive an Alert if your vehicle is Towed or Glass is broken
  • Monitor your vehicles Battery voltage and Alerts you if you’re at risk
  • Set a “GeoFence” and be alerted if your vehicle enters or exits a “boundary” area you have designated.
  • Set Curfew Alerts for authorized use of your vehicle, be notified if it is driven outside of that window
  • Set a max speed for your vehicle to get alerts when your car exceeds the limit
EZ-TRAK is subscription based service with flexible monthly and/or annual billing plans starting at $9.00 monthly It’s the easiest to use Vehicle Control and Tracking System on the market! For the ultimate in vehicle Control and Security get EZ-TRAK today!