AT-1C Class 8 Anti-Theft and Driver Management System

AT-1C Class 8 Anti-Theft and Driver Management System

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FITMENT: 12V Vehicles
Keyless Security, Anti-Theft &


  Revolutionize Your Fleet’s Security with Digital Guard Dawg Anti-Theft Solutions As an owner of Class 8 trucks, ensuring the security of your valuable assets is of utmost importance. That’s why we introduce to you the DGD-AT-1C from Digital Guard Dawg—the ultimate solution to safeguard your Class 8 truck fleet with cutting-edge anti-theft protection.
Our DGD-AT-1C is specifically designed to meet the unique needs of Class 8 trucks. With advanced RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) technology, the same trusted technology found in top luxury vehicles and high-security buildings, the DGD-AT-1C offers unparalleled security and convenience.
Carrying the Guard Dawg key fob, you gain effortless access to your Class 8 truck. As you approach the vehicle, the DGD-AT-1C automatically disarms the anti-theft security, granting you seamless entry. And when you walk away, rest assured that the system will rearm itself, providing comprehensive protection. Never worry about forgetting to secure your trucks again—the DGD-AT-1C has you covered.
But the benefits don’t stop there. Our DGD-AT-1C also offers advanced fleet management features, allowing you to take control of your operations. With ease, you can create a sophisticated driver management hierarchy, granting specific individuals the authority to operate designated trucks within your fleet. Enjoy enhanced fleet efficiency and optimize operations like never before.
At Digital Guard Dawg, we take great pride in manufacturing our products in the USA. With over 14 years of experience, we have supplied individuals, fleet owners, law enforcement agencies, and even specialized forces with the finest RFID vehicle anti-theft protection available. When it comes to vehicle security, trust the experts who understand your needs.
Upgrade your Class 8 truck fleet security effortlessly with the DGD-AT-1C from Digital Guard Dawg. Experience the perfect combination of advanced RFID technology, unparalleled convenience, and unmatched peace of mind. Don’t compromise on security—choose the industry-leading anti-theft solution, the DGD-AT-1C, and protect your Class 8 trucks with ease.
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Add GPS Tracker

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Theft Protection

Best Anti-Theft Protection
Experience the ultimate in marine-grade convenience with the rugged and water-resistant fob. As you approach the system, this device automatically transmits its unique authorization code, providing enhanced security through advanced RFID technology. Crafted with a tough chrome housing and high impact plastics, this fob embodies strength and durability. It has undergone rigorous testing, proving its functionality even after being submerged at depths exceeding 3 meters in both saltwater and freshwater and muddy environments. This marine-grade resilience guarantees reliable performance, no matter the conditions.
Enjoy the flexibility of cross-programming Dawg Tags, allowing a single tag to operate multiple vehicles, simplifying your key management. Furthermore, easily switch between Automatic and Manual modes directly from the Dawg Tag, granting you complete control over the system’s arming and disarming.
High Tech RFID Technology
The Guard Dawg Vehicle Anti-Theft device employs advanced RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) technology, renowned for safeguarding premier luxury vehicles and granting access to highly secure buildings. This technology provides a superior level of encryption, ensuring unmatched security and reliable performance. Additionally, installing anti-theft immobilizers on your vehicles may make you eligible for insurance discounts, as recognized by numerous insurance companies. Rest assured, with this cutting-edge security solution, your vehicle will benefit from unparalleled protection and potential cost savings.
Completely “Passive” Operation
There are No Codes to remember, No Buttons to push, No clumsy steering wheel locks to put on or take off. just carry the Guard Dawg key fob in your pocket and as you approach your vehicle, the Anti-Theft security disarms automatically, and then rearms as you walk away. The Guard Dawg is completely automatic! It’s impossible to ever forget to protect your vehicle!
Versatile Protection
The Guard Dawg Anti-Theft system is available in both 12 and 24 volt versions. Whether you’re looking for vehicle protection for your cars, trucks or equipment, There’s a Guard Dawg Anti-Theft system for every vehicle you own.
Invisible to Thieves
The system discreetly conceals itself without requiring any modifications to the vehicle’s dash, remaining completely invisible. In the event of a thief’s attempt to start your vehicle, it cleverly simulates a dead battery, deterring the thief and prompting them to seek out an easier target.
Over 6 Billion Rolling Codes
Each Dawg Tag has a special RFID code, making it completely unique to you. This means no one else will have the same code. The Dawg Tags are also very versatile. They can be programmed to work with as many vehicles as you have, allowing you to use just one Dawg Tag for all your vehicles. Simplify your vehicle access and control by using the convenient and adaptable Dawg Tags.
Emergency Bypass Access
No worries if you misplace or lose your Dawg Tag. Every system is equipped with a user-programmable emergency bypass code. In the event of a lost or damaged key fob, you can still start your vehicle by following a specific sequence of key turns to enter your personalized PIN#. This ensures that you won’t experience any unnecessary downtime due to misplaced key fobs. Rest easy knowing that you have a reliable backup method to start your vehicle whenever needed.
5G GPS Tracking
Enhance your vehicle’s security and gain the convenience of monitoring it from your cell phone by incorporating the Guard Dawg 5G Tracker. This cutting-edge addition allows you to observe the real-time status of your vehicle. With its advanced design, the Guard Dawg 5G Tracker offers top-notch protection and the most dependable 5G tracking capabilities available in the market. Stay informed about your vehicle’s location and monitor its condition effortlessly, ensuring peace of mind at all times. Trust in the highest level of protection and reliable tracking that money can buy with the Guard Dawg 5G Tracker.
Superior Quality Products
With a deep understanding of vehicle security, Digital Guard Dawg proudly manufactures their products in the USA. For over 14 years, they have been supplying a wide range of customers, including individuals, fleet owners, law enforcement agencies, the US Special Forces, and even the President’s Motorcade, with exceptional RFID vehicle Anti-Theft protection. The Guard Dawg Modules and key fobs are not only water resistant but also built to withstand the most challenging environments. So, don’t trust your vehicles protection to an out dated anti-theft steering wheel lock or simple starter kill switch. There’s no better choice than a Digital Guard Dawg Anti-Theft system to guard your vehicles.

Driver Management

Want to control which driver operates what vehicles? It’s easy!
The Guard Dawg Anti-Theft system offers a sophisticated driver’s management hierarchy, enabling you to assign specific vehicle operation authority to employees within your organization. For instance, let’s consider a scenario where your fleet consists of 40 vehicles divided into four crews, each comprising 10 vehicles. Each crew has a supervisor and nine employees who are authorized to use a designated vehicle.
With the Guard Dawg Anti-Theft system, you have the flexibility to assign individual employees the authority to operate a specific vehicle, while the crew supervisor’s key fob can be programmed to operate all vehicles within their crew. Additionally, you can assign a key fob to your company’s maintenance department, granting them access to operate all 40 vehicles in your fleet.
This hierarchical structure empowers you to allocate precise vehicle operation permissions, ensuring efficient fleet management and tailored access control for enhanced security. The Guard Dawg Anti-Theft system offers customizable solutions to meet the unique requirements of your organization’s driver management hierarchy.
Easy Custom Programming
Adding and deleting key fobs is easily done using our “Master Programmer” management fob. It’s simple to add new key fobs if you add new vehicles to your fleet or new employees to your company, or if a disgruntled employee is let go, you can simply delete his key fob from your fleet. The “Master Programmer” management fob allows you to make changes in a snap.
Custom Designed Systems
Looking for additional features or specialized solutions for your fleet? As a manufacturer, we have catered to the needs of small companies as well as Fortune 500s, creating customized products tailored to specific requirements. We invite you to use the provided link to get in touch with us, as we are always eager to engage in discussions about your unique needs. Our team is dedicated to finding the best solutions to meet your fleet’s specific demands.


  • AT-1 Anti-Theft System
  • Module size: 2” x 1.5” x 1.5”
  • 12V DC
  • Relay Current Handling 1 x 30A
  • Idle current draw 8mA
  • Key Fob Battery 2 X CR2032
  • Control Harness 18”
  • +12V Harness 18”
  • Ground wire 18”’

GPS Tracker

Guard Dawg 5G trackerThe Guard DawgTracker’s advanced design provides the highest level of Protection and most reliable 5G Tracking money can buy!. Always know where your vehicle is.
  • Theft Alert
  • Tow Alert
  • Ignition On Alert
  • Low Battery Alert
  • Remote Starter Lockout Option
  • Automatically sets a 150 ft Theft Fence every time you park
Mobile app shows Satellite, Map and Street Views with pinpoint accuracy! Updates your vehicle’s position every 2 minutes


  • 5G Real-Time Satellite Tracking with pin point accuracy
  • Easy to use IOS & Android mobile app displays Satellite, Map and Street Views
  • IP67 rated waterproof sealed enclosure designed for heavy vibration
  • Won’t drain your battery like inexpensive tracking systems
  • Updates vehicle position every 2 minutes
  • Backup Lithium Ion battery that can lasts for days
  • US Based tech support
  • Exclusive Power Management Circuitry – ultra-low current protects against battery drain
  • Works right out of the box

Receive Alert Notifications For:

  • Ignition on alert
  • “Theft Fence” automatically activates every time you park
  • After hours use alert
  • Towing alert
  • Low battery alert
  • Geo-fence violations
  • Excess speed alert
  • Remote starter lockout (optional)

What Makes The Guard Dawh Tracker Better?

4G vs. 5G Systems

What good is a tracking system if it can’t tell you where your bike is? Many tracking systems are still using the old 3G network for their communications. Everyday 3G towers are coming down, resulting in less coverage area. Currently all major cell carriers are scheduled to retire their 3G networks by the end of 2020 making 3G systems obsolete. Only 5G cellular service gives you long term border to border and coast to coast coverage.

Power Draw vs. Locating Accuracy

Most GPS systems that claim to be motorcycle trackers make a critical compromise in their design. Motorcycles batteries are small, to save current draw on the bikes battery, they reduce “how often” their system reports your bikes actual location. Some inexpensive GPS systems only report the “actual” location of your bike once or twice a day, leaving you with less then accurate location info when you may need it most. Guard Dawg Tracker has solved this issue with our revolutionary new“APMC” (Advanced Power Management Circuitry).By cycling the system into a deep sleep / power saving mode when your bikes is motionless, then waking it up when the system detects motion, we achieve a ultra-low current draw protecting against battery drain while still providing “Real Time” GPS location info, updating every 2 minutes with pin point accuracy.


  • Dual-Band LTE Cat 1: Bands 4, 13
  • Tri-Band LTE Cat 1: Bands 2, 4, 12
  • Location Technology: 56 channel GPS
  • Tracking Sensitivity: -162 dBm
  • Location Accuracy (open sky): +/- 2.5m
  • Cold Start Acquisition: 29 seconds
  • Hot Start Acquisition: 1 second
  • LED Status Indicators: Cellular, GPS
  • Input Power Range: 6-36VDC
  • Tracking Mode: 65mA @ 12VDC
  • Sleep Mode: 2mA @ 12VDC
  • Backup Battery: 400 mAh rechargeable Lithium-ion
  • Operating Temp: -30º C to 80º C
  • Dimensions: 4.4 x 2.2 x 0.7
  • Weight: 100g
  • ROW: CE, GCF, e-Mark, RoHS2


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