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The new PBS-M will add true OEM quality RFID Push Button Start to your boat.  Now every Marine enthusiast can enjoy the unparalleled convenience and security of the latest in Keyless ignition technology. The PBS-M can be added to any (non-CanBus) 12 volt marine ignition system.

RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) is the wireless authentication technology that is rapidly transforming the world into a completely “Keyless” society. The PBS-M uses the same high security & convenience technology found on today’s most advanced luxury vehicles to provide you the ultimate in convenience and protection for your boat.

Simply wave the 2Go Keyless RFID “Smart Floaty” within a few inches of the systems hidden antenna. The PBS-M control module will authenticate the digital serial number of your Smart Floaty; authorize your ignition system, then with just a push of the Start button your motor roars to life! Keys and water have never made a great combination. Now you can lose your keys for good and enjoy the freedom of being completely keyless!

Losing Your Keys Never Felt So Good!

Additional Information

The PBS-M system consists of two independent control modules: A hands free RFID reader module and a PBS module (Push Button Start module). The RFID module is responsible for “User Authentication” as well as handling all communication with the systems RFID Key fob. It instructs your boats ignition system when to operate. The PBS module is responsible for electronically replicating all functions of your old ignition switch. All electronic switching is done by independent high current relays which are housed inside the PBS module. The modules communicate over a single data wire running between them creating a True Keyless experience. The importance of using two separate modules is that it assures the heat and interference caused by high current switching of ignition circuits is kept completely away from the more delicate communication electronics.


Revolutionary RFID Smart Floaty

The Smart Floaty is yet another design innovation from Digital Guard Dawg. We put the awesome power of RFID keyless technology “INSIDE” a sink proof Floaty that operates without batteries, is 100% waterproof and 1000% secure!

Powerful Protection

The Smart Floaty uses the latest advances in RFID technology to deliver a level of security even better than many OEM keyless systems. Each Smart Floaty is completely unique, one of over 6 billion different codes.

Start Button with LED Status Indicator

NPBS Systems come standard with our 22mm Billet style Start Button, It is a top quality / heavy duty cycle switch with an attractive “soft brushed” finish. An Illuminated halo LED ring indicates system status. Switches are pre-wired to a 36″ plug in harness. Available in 3 LED colors; RED, BLUE or GREEN.

Choice of Start Buttons

Customize your Keyless installation even more with one of our optional Start Buttons choices. We start with of the most beautiful OEM buttons available and individually modify them to work with our 2GO Keyless™ systems. It’s the perfect finishing touch!

Emergency Bypass Card

hould you ever lose or damage your Smart Floaty, the system includes an Emergency Backup Transponder Card to always guarantee you access to your ignition. This is the same “passive transponder” technology used for access of high security buildings. Just hold the Bypass Card next your will be able to start your engine.



Will the system control two motors?

Each system will only control 1 motor.

Is the module waterproof?

Our system is water resistant and should be installed somewhere safe for electrical equipment such as under the dash.

How Many M-Tag come with the system?

The PBS-M comes with one M-Tag, to add additional M-Tags please select how many you would like from the drop down.

What button will work best for me?

Button selection really comes down to what you like aesthetically. A list of all of our buttons can be found here:See Buttons Our most popular buttons or our standard 22mm billet buttons.

I have a Diesel will the PBS-M work for my vehicle?.

The PBS-M systems will work with diesel vehicles, In the programming features of the PBS-M you are able to set a starter delay if you need to give your glow plugs a moment to prime.

Is the Start button waterproof?

Our standard brushed aluminum buttons are IP67 rated, they are highly water resistant

I ordered a Button that was 19/22/25mm and the one I received was bigger.

When we measure our billet start buttons we measure the barrel size of the button (the size of the hole you will need to drill). The face of the button will be roughly 3mm Larger than the barrel. Please see our Buttons selection page for specs on all buttons:See Buttons



RFID Module Size 2” X 3” X 1”

PBS Module Size 4” X 3” X .75”

Weight 12 oz

Operating Voltage 12 Volt

Current Handling 4 x 40A

Current Max 220A in-rush