KTM 790 Duke* (2019-2021)

KTM 790 Duke* (2019-2021)

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Plug & Play Product

Plug & Play Product

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The KIM-P Keyless Ignition for Motorcycles makes your ignition key a thing of the past!

In a world where security is a necessity and convenience in high demand, RFID keyless technology is the perfect security solution for protecting your bike. The KIM-P Keyless Ignition Module combines advanced RFID security and ultimate keyless convenience all in one amazing plug & play product. The KIM-P uses RFID proximity technology similar to that found on today’s finest luxury keyless vehicles. You simply carry one of the systems digital RFID “Dawg Tags” with you. As you approach your bike, the system authenticates your unique RFID Dawg Tag and authorizes your ignition automatically. No more need for an ignition key. You just climb on, flip your kill switch to ON, thumb your Start Button and GO! The KIM-P completely eliminates any need for the factory ignition switch and all the hassles associated with using a key! When your ride is over, flip your kill switch to OFF and you just walk away . . . . . , the KIM-P will automatically arm, completely immobilizing your ignition system and leaving your motorcycle fully secured! And unlike common alarms that only lockout the starter circuit, The KIM-P provides dual point immobilization of your motorcycles electrical system, locking out both your Ignition and Fuel circuits. It’s impossible to ever forget to protect your bike, it’s all automatic! No more keys to hassle with, No more wheel locks or chains to carry around, No more forgetting to arm your alarm, and no false alarms ever, just absolute “Hands Free” keyless convenience and powerful security.
* Bikes that were destined for the EU, CA or world markets may have a factory Immobilizer system. If this is the case on your bike you will need to bypass the Immobilizer to use the DGD-KIM-P Keyless Ignitions. Bypassing this feature can be accomplished by either relocating the antenna under the tank, fairing or inside the headlight bucket with the head of the factory key placed within the antenna or re-flashing the ECU.

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Add Extra Fob

NO, 1, 2

Add Accessory Switch [+$10]


Add GPS Tracker

None, Add GPS, GPS + Starter Lockout


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