iKey (Cyber Monday Special)

iKey (Cyber Monday Special)

| $703.00

Cyber Monday Special

Only Good on Monday Nov 26 2018

You get an iKEY for $539.00 that includes:

  • Remote Start
  • 2 OEM Fobs
  • Your choice of upgrade button (SL Button or Honda Civic)
  • Shipping Included
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FITMENT: Any Year Vehicle with power door locks.

For the Ultimate KEYLESS experience The iKey is our most advanced RFID Keyless system yet, fully replicating the complete keyless operation found on today’s most advanced luxury vehicles. iKey combines “Hands Free” Keyless Access, Keyless Security and Keyless Ignition all into one system. Now you can “Go Keyless” with any vehicle you own! The iKey uses advanced RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology from Texas Instruments®, to provide you the ultimate in convenience and protection for your vehicle. No more frustration from searching or fumbling around with keys or remotes. You simply place one of the systems RFID key fobs in your wallet, pocket or purse. As you approach your vehicle, your RFID key fob is detected and your vehicles doors instantly unlock. Just climb in, and with a push of the Start Button your engine roars to life. When you exit your vehicle, you just walk away. . . . As you leave the systems frequency range, your doors will automatically lock and iKey’s advanced two stage security system will self-arm leaving your vehicle securely protected. It’s Impossible to forget to protect your vehicle! *** iKey is also available with optional Remote Engine Start to warm your car in the winter or cool it down in the summer.

Losing Your Keys Never Felt So Good!

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The iKey system consists of two independent control modules: A hands free PKE module (Passive Keyless Entry module) and a PBS module (Push Button Start module). The PKE module is responsible for “User Authentication” as well as handling all communication with the systems RFID Key fob. It also instructs your vehicles door lock system and other related security systems and components when to operate. The PBS module is responsible for electronically replicating all functions of your old ignition switch. It allows you to start your vehicle or choose to just turn on the accessories like your radio all by the push of a single button. All electronic switching is done by independent high current relays which are housed inside the PBS module. The modules communicate over a single data wire running between them creating a True Keyless experience. The importance of using two separate modules is that it assures the heat and interference caused by high current switching of ignition circuits is kept completely away from the more delicate communication electronics.

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Weight 1 oz
Start Button Selection

Honda Civic Red, Honda Civic White, SL OEM Blue, SL OEM Green, SL OEM Red


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