DGD M-24

DGD M-24

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FITMENT: Humvee / M998 / M1097 / M151 / M151A1
Keyless Ignition &


Unrivaled Security and Effortless Convenience: Introducing the DGD-M24 Keyless Security Module for your Humvee

In a world where security is essential and convenience reigns supreme, RFID keyless technology emerges as the perfect solution to provide your Humvee with the much needed protection for these vehicles. The DGD-M24 Keyless Security Module combines powerful RFID security with effortless keyless convenience, all in one remarkable plug & play product that seamlessly integrates into your vehicle’s dash, maintaining an authentic appearance while providing unparalleled protection.

Harnessing RFID proximity technology, akin to what is found in top luxury vehicles, the M24 ensures seamless authentication and authorization. Simply carry one of our digital RFID “Dawg Tags” with you. As you approach your Humvee, the M24 instantly authenticates your unique RFID Dawg Tag and authorizes your ignition automatically. No more hassle with keys. Just climb in, flip the start switch to ON, start your engine, and GO!
When your adventure comes to an end, switch off your engine and walk away. As you move away from your Humvee, the M24 automatically arms itself, providing complete security. No keys to wrestle with, no buttons to push—just absolute convenience and robust security.
The M24 is proudly made in the USA, custom-engineered for seamless Plug-N-Play installation on all M998, M1097, M151, and M151A1 models. With no wires to cut or splice, installation is a breeze. Simply swap your existing ignition switch wires to the M24 harness, attach the ground wire, and you’re ready to embark on your next adventure.
Don’t compromise on security or convenience. Elevate your Humvee with the DGD-M24 Keyless Security Module and experience unparalleled security and effortless convenience like never before. Made to perfection, engineered for a seamless installation, it’s the ultimate security upgrade for your Humvee.
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Extra Fob

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Advanced Design
The M24 boasts huge features in a rugged package. High load 24 Volt relays independently switch Ignition and Starter circuits providing optimum power handling and control. Outfitted with genuine Packard Connectors and heavy gauge wiring, total module size is only 3″ x 4½” x 1 ½” allowing it to mount virtually anywhere.
RFID Dawg Tag
Experience the ultimate in marine-grade convenience with the rugged and water-resistant fob. As you approach the M-24 system, this device automatically transmits its unique authorization code, providing enhanced security through advanced RFID technology. Just press your start button, and you’re ready to ride. Crafted with a tough chrome housing and high impact plastics, this fob embodies strength and durability. It has undergone rigorous testing, proving its functionality even after being submerged at depths exceeding 3 meters in both saltwater and freshwater and muddy environments. This marine-grade resilience guarantees reliable performance, no matter the conditions. With the M-24 system and its water-resistant fob, embrace the fearless convenience of keyless operation tailored for the harshest environments. Stay in command as you embark on thrilling adventures.
Strong Security
The M-24 system surpasses all expectations, ensuring unparalleled protection for your Humvee. Once armed, every circuit within your vehicle is rendered immobilized, leaving no room for compromise. No other product on the market offers this level of safeguarding. With the simple act of killing the engine, you can confidently walk away, knowing that the “Hands Free” auto arming feature will instantly disable any attempts to operate your Humvee. The M-24 stands as the leader of advanced and effective security measures.
Plug-N-Play Installation
The M-24 kit provides everything you need to add complete keyless security to your Humvee. With our user-friendly Plug-N-Play harness, which utilizes factory connectors, you can easily integrate it with your Humvee’s Ignition system without any wire cutting. Even if you have no prior installation experience, you can easily add this fantastic accessory to your Humvee in less than an hour.


The M24 module has been engineered with a specific safety precaution in mind. When it comes to the Dawg Tag, its presence is required for authorization to start the Humvee, but it’s not necessary to keep the Humvee running. This design allows for a seamless riding experience, even if the Dawg Tag falls out of your pocket while cruising on the freeway or if its batteries happen to die during your ride. In such situations, you won’t encounter an unexpected Humvee shutdown. The M24 module’s intelligent functionality ensures that you can enjoy your ride without interruptions while maintaining the highest level of safety.
The appeal of the DGD-M24 goes beyond just its convenience or the coolness factor of keyless operation. In terms of security alone, this system stands out as one of the most robust options available on the market. What sets the DGD-M24 apart as a powerful security device is its integration with your Humvee’s electrical system. Unlike common Humvee alarm or start interrupt systems that only disable the start circuit, the DGD-M24 is seamlessly integrated into the entire ignition system. Once armed, no other circuit on your Humvee can receive power, rendering any attempt to bypass or manipulate the system ineffective. None of the typical tricks involving jumping connections or wires will work. Your Humvee becomes nothing more than dead weight, providing you with the utmost security and peace of mind.
The installation process for the DGD-M24 is straightforward and can be rated as a “2 beer install” on the Guard Dawg Install Scale. To begin, you’ll need to locate your Humvee’s ignition switch connector, usually positioned approximately 6-9 inches from the ignition switch. Simply unplug the ignition switch and connect our system. Next, find the stop/run connector, typically located in the headlight bucket, and unplug the connector before connecting our system. Lastly, run a wire to the negative side of your battery. Once these steps are completed, it’s time to crack open your second beer and test out your new keyless ignition system. Cheers to a successful installation!
The Dawg Tag, which operates using two CR2032 batteries, is recommended to have its batteries replaced on an annual basis. However, the actual duration of battery life may vary depending on usage, typically ranging from 1 to 3 years. It is important to consider your specific usage patterns to determine when it is necessary to replace the batteries for optimal performance.
Absolutely! The system is designed to be highly flexible and can learn an unlimited number of Dawg Tags. Whether you have one Humvee or a whole fleet, you can easily add as many Dawg Tags as you need to the system. This means that each rider can have their own unique Dawg Tag for seamless and convenient access to their respective Humvees. Simply program the additional Dawg Tags and enjoy the convenience and security of keyless operation across all your Humvees.
Absolutely! With the Digital Guard Dawg system, one Dawg Tag has the capability to control multiple Humvees. Each system can learn an unlimited number of Dawg Tags, allowing you to program each Dawg Tag to operate any of your Humvees equipped with Digital Guard Dawg systems. This means you can enjoy the convenience of using a single Dawg Tag to access and start different Humvees within your collection. Whether you have a diverse lineup of Humvees or want to share access with fellow riders, the system offers the flexibility to accommodate your needs.
No, when you walk up to your Humvee, the brake lights do not automatically come on. The DGD-M24 system operates as follows: as you approach your Humvee, the system initiates communication to determine if you have a valid Dawg tag. If you possess a valid tag, the system “pre-authorizes” your ignition and accessory circuits, but it does not activate any components until you switch your stop/run switch to the “on” position. Once the switch is turned on, the DGD-M24 system sequentially activates your Ignition, Accessories, and lights.
No, you do not need to reprogram the Dawg Tag if you change the battery in either your Humvee or the Dawg Tag itself. The Dawg Tags are designed with non-volatile memory, which means they retain their programming even if there is a loss of power to either the Dawg Tag or the module. Therefore, replacing the battery will not affect the programming of the Dawg Tag.
Whether or not your insurance company will provide a discount for having this system installed depends on the policies and guidelines of your specific insurance provider. It is important to note that this system offers a “3 point immobilization” feature, which effectively secures and immobilizes all electrical systems of your Humvee. To determine if your insurance company offers discounts for such security systems, it is advisable to contact them directly and inquire about their policies regarding anti-theft measures and potential discounts.
If you happen to lose your Dawg Tag, there is a solution in place. All you need to do is enter your user programmable bypass code using the stop/run switch, which will allow you to start your Humvee. After that, it’s recommended that you contact us promptly, and we will expedite the process of providing you with a replacement fob. By reaching out to us, we can assist you in obtaining a new Dawg Tag as quickly as possible.
Yes, each Dawg Tag is equipped with its own unique digital code, which is one out of over 6 billion possible codes. The system is designed to learn and recognize the individual serial number of each tag. This ensures that each Dawg Tag is distinct and can be identified separately by the system, enhancing the security and accuracy of the overall system.
Yes, the DGD-M24 system is designed to be protected against “Code Grabbers.” Each Dawg Tag utilizes a “rolling code” mechanism, which means that when the tag sends a code to the module, the next time they communicate, a different code is used. This rolling code system employs a complex algorithm that ensures even if someone were to intercept and steal a code, it would become invalid and unauthorized during the next communication between your system and the Dawg Tag. This security measure prevents unauthorized access and enhances the overall protection provided by the system.
Each Digital Guard Dawg System includes one Dawg Tag as standard. If desired, you can purchase additional Dawg Tags separately and program them into the system. There is no fixed limit on the number of Dawg Tags that can be programmed per system, providing flexibility for your needs. You have the option to add as many Dawg Tags as necessary, allowing you to expand the system and configure multiple Dawg Tags to work with a single system or distribute them among multiple systems as desired.
Yes, the DGD-M24 is designed as a fully sealed unit, ensuring its water resistance. It is classified as IP67, which indicates that it is highly water resistant. The system has undergone testing and has been proven to operate correctly even after being fully submerged underwater for a duration of over 5 minutes. This level of water resistance provides confidence in the module’s durability and reliability even in wet or damp conditions.
Alarm systems and Keyless Ignition systems approach the issue of theft in different ways. The Keyless Ignition system eliminates the need for keys and allows for easy activation of the Humvee by simply flipping the Stop/Run switch and pressing the start button. It offers convenience and eliminates the hassle of using keys. While the DGD-M24 system provides this convenience, it also offers a high level of security. Even if it were evaluated solely based on security, it would still be considered one of the strongest systems available.
In comparison, traditional alarm systems typically have a “starter interrupt” feature that only disables the starter circuit. This leaves the Humvee vulnerable to being jump-started or hot-wired directly to the starter. The DGD-M24, on the other hand, is integrated into the Humvee’s entire ignition system through a hardwired connection. When armed, no other circuit on the Humvee receives power, rendering it immobilized. Traditional methods of bypassing or hot-wiring the Humvee’s ignition system become ineffective, making the Humvee completely inoperable.
As for alarm sensors, such as single, dual, or triple-axis sensors, they may sound appealing but they often result in frequent false alarms due to environmental factors like rain, wind, or passing vehicles. Moreover, the limited space available on most Humvees makes it challenging to securely mount a siren that cannot be easily located and disabled within seconds.
Overall, the DGD-M24 system offers a powerful combination of convenience, keyless ignition, and robust security that sets it apart from traditional alarm systems.
No, the DGD-M24 system will not void your warranty. Over the past 15 years of selling the DGD-M24 series of systems, we have not encountered a single manufacturer’s warranty issue.
The Dawg Tag utilizes two CR2032 batteries.
Yes, the DGD-M24 system is designed as an independent unit, allowing it to work seamlessly with both aftermarket and stock alarm systems. Whether you have an existing alarm system installed or plan to add one in the future, the DGD-M24 system can integrate and operate effectively alongside it. Its independent nature ensures compatibility and flexibility with various alarm systems, enhancing the overall security features of your Humvee.
If your Dawg Tag looks different from the one shown online or you require replacement Dawg Tags for an older system, please contact us directly at 877-246-5395. Our customer service team will assist you in obtaining the appropriate Dawg Tags that are compatible with your specific system. They can provide you with the necessary information and guidance to ensure you receive the correct replacement Dawg Tags.


  • Module Size 3″ x 4½” x 1 ½”
  • Weight 10 oz
  • Operating Voltage 24 Volt
  • Current Handling 2 / 24V x 35A

GPS Tracker

Guard Dawg 5G trackerThe Guard DawgTracker’s advanced design provides the highest level of Protection and most reliable 5G Tracking money can buy!. Always know where your vehicle is.
  • Theft Alert
  • Tow Alert
  • Ignition On Alert
  • Low Battery Alert
  • Remote Starter Lockout Option
  • Automatically sets a 150 ft Theft Fence every time you park
Mobile app shows Satellite, Map and Street Views with pinpoint accuracy! Updates your vehicle’s position every 2 minutes


  • 5G Real-Time Satellite Tracking with pin point accuracy
  • Easy to use IOS & Android mobile app displays Satellite, Map and Street Views
  • IP67 rated waterproof sealed enclosure designed for heavy vibration
  • Won’t drain your battery like inexpensive tracking systems
  • Updates vehicle position every 2 minutes
  • Backup Lithium Ion battery that can lasts for days
  • US Based tech support
  • Exclusive Power Management Circuitry – ultra-low current protects against battery drain
  • Works right out of the box

Receive Alert Notifications For:

  • Ignition on alert
  • “Theft Fence” automatically activates every time you park
  • After hours use alert
  • Towing alert
  • Low battery alert
  • Geo-fence violations
  • Excess speed alert
  • Remote starter lockout (optional)

What Makes The Guard Dawh Tracker Better?

4G vs. 5G Systems

What good is a tracking system if it can’t tell you where your bike is? Many tracking systems are still using the old 3G network for their communications. Everyday 3G towers are coming down, resulting in less coverage area. Currently all major cell carriers are scheduled to retire their 3G networks by the end of 2020 making 3G systems obsolete. Only 5G cellular service gives you long term border to border and coast to coast coverage.

Power Draw vs. Locating Accuracy

Most GPS systems that claim to be motorcycle trackers make a critical compromise in their design. Motorcycles batteries are small, to save current draw on the bikes battery, they reduce “how often” their system reports your bikes actual location. Some inexpensive GPS systems only report the “actual” location of your bike once or twice a day, leaving you with less then accurate location info when you may need it most. Guard Dawg Tracker has solved this issue with our revolutionary new“APMC” (Advanced Power Management Circuitry).By cycling the system into a deep sleep / power saving mode when your bikes is motionless, then waking it up when the system detects motion, we achieve a ultra-low current draw protecting against battery drain while still providing “Real Time” GPS location info, updating every 2 minutes with pin point accuracy.


  • Dual-Band LTE Cat 1: Bands 4, 13
  • Tri-Band LTE Cat 1: Bands 2, 4, 12
  • Location Technology: 56 channel GPS
  • Tracking Sensitivity: -162 dBm
  • Location Accuracy (open sky): +/- 2.5m
  • Cold Start Acquisition: 29 seconds
  • Hot Start Acquisition: 1 second
  • LED Status Indicators: Cellular, GPS
  • Input Power Range: 6-36VDC
  • Tracking Mode: 65mA @ 12VDC
  • Sleep Mode: 2mA @ 12VDC
  • Backup Battery: 400 mAh rechargeable Lithium-ion
  • Operating Temp: -30º C to 80º C
  • Dimensions: 4.4 x 2.2 x 0.7
  • Weight: 100g
  • ROW: CE, GCF, e-Mark, RoHS2


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