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Fitment: Any 12 Volt Vehicle

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FITMENT: Any 12V Vehicle.
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Secure Your Vehicle with Ease: Introducing the DGD-M1 Hands-Free RFID Immobilizer

Introducing the DGD-M1, the ultimate hands-free RFID Immobilizer designed to provide proven protection for your vehicle. Experience unmatched security and convenience with this cutting-edge device, suitable for cars, motorcycles, ATVs, golf carts, and other 12V equipment. Say goodbye to complicated security systems, as the DGD-M1 offers the easiest and most effective protection available.

Harnessing advanced RFID security technology, similar to what is found in many luxury automobiles, the DGD-M1 ensures your vehicle’s safety with ease. Installation is a breeze on any 12V circuit. The DGD-M1 immobilizes the circuit unless the uniquely coded Dawg Tag is present. All you need to do is carry a small RFID device called a “Dawg Tag” with you, and the security functions are handled automatically as you walk away from or return to your vehicle. Your vehicle can only be started when you are in close proximity with the Dawg Tag, ensuring enhanced protection.
The Dawg Tags are dual-mode, offering both manual and automatic functionality. They are motion-activated and boast over 6 billion codes, ensuring secure operation. For fleet applications, a single Dawg Tag can operate multiple vehicles. With the DGD-M1’s silent protection, you won’t have to worry about battery drain like you would with common alarms. Experience peace of mind without compromising your vehicle’s power source.
Installation is quick and hassle-free with the simple 2-wire plus power and ground connectionss of the M-1 module. Get your DGD-M1 today and enjoy the perfect combination of security, convenience, and simplicity. Protect your vehicle effortlessly with the industry-leading hands-free security module, the DGD-M1.
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