Fitment: Any 12 Volt Vehicle

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Digital Guard Dawg hands-free security modules are proven protection for your vehicle! This is the first “hands-free” RFID Immobilizer designed fto operate on any 12V vehicle. Whether you need protection for your car, motorcycle, ATV, Golf cart or other 12V equipment, the there’s no easier or better protection then the M1. The M1 uses RFID security technology similar to that found on many new luxury automobiles. The M1 easily installs on any 12V circuit. Use on your starter / fuel or Ignition circuits (under 20A). to Immobilize the circuit unless the uniquely coded Dawg Tag is present. You simply carry a small RFID device called a “Dawg Tag” with you—and your security functions are all handled automatically whenever you walk away from or return to your vehicle. The Dawg Tag only allows your vehicle to be started when you are next to it. Dawg Tags are dual-mode (manual/automatic) and motion activated with over 6 billion codes. One tag can operate multiple vehicles for fleet applications—and M-1’s silent protection won’t drain your battery like common alarms. Installation is quick with the M-1 module’s simple 2-wire plus +/- harness