In a world where security is a necessity and convenience in high demand, keyless technology is the perfect security solution for your Slingshot. The KIM-SS Keyless Ignition Module combines advanced RFID security and ultimate keyless convenience all in one amazing plug & play product.

The KIM-SS uses RFID proximity technology similar to that found on today’s finest luxury vehicles. You simply carry one of the systems digital RFID “Dawg Tags” with you. As you approach your Slingshot, the KIM-SS authenticates your unique RFID Dawg Tag and authorizes your ignition automatically. No more need for an ignition key. You just climb in, flip your dash mounted rocker switch to ON, press your Start Button and GO!

The KIM-SS completely eliminates any need for the factory ignition switch and all the hassles associated with using a key!

When your ride is over, flip the rocker switch to OFF and you just walk away . . . . . As you leave the vehicles proximity, the KIM-SS automatically arms and your Slingshot is completely secured! Unlike common alarms that only lockout the starter circuit, The KIM-SS provides a full 3 point immobilization of your Slingshots electrical system, locking out Ignition, Fuel and Starter circuits. No keys to hassle with, No buttons to push and no false alarms, just absolute convenience and powerful security.

The KIM-SS is proudly made in the USA and custom engineered for complete Plug-N-Play installation on all Polaris Slingshot’s. With no wires to cut or splice, installation is a breeze. Simply plug the KIM-SS harness into to your existing factory connectors and you’re ready to go!


Advanced Design

TThrough extensive use of microelectronics the KIM-SS boasts huge features in a tiny package. New state-of-the-art high load micro relays independently switch Ignition and Accessory circuits providing optimum power handling and control. Sealed within a specially formulated RTV compound to protect from moisture and dampen vibration, total module size is only 1½” X 1½” X 2″ allowing it to mount virtually anywhere.

RFID Dawg Tag

RRFID (Radio-Frequency Identification Device) Dawg Tags provide completely “Hands Free” operation of your Slingshot ignition. Dawg Tags are motion activated and will only authorize your Ignition to operate when you are within a close range. Each Tag is completely unique with over 6 billion different code combinations. Dawg Tags can be cross-programmed allowing one tag to operate multiple vehicles. You can also easily select between Automatic or Manual modes, via the Dawg Tag, giving you complete control of how and when the system arms and disarms.

Push the Start Button and Go!

The KIM-SS kit includes a new factory style ON / OFF rocker switch for your dash. With your Dawg Tag in your pocket, just flip the switch to ON when you climb in and your Ignition activates. Just push the Start Button and you engine roars to life. Losing your keys has never felt so good!

Strong Security

When we say secure we mean it! Unlike common alarms that simply interrupt the starter circuit and can be easily defeated. When the KIM-SS arms, every circuit on your Slingshot is completely immobilized! No other product gives you this level of protection. When you kill the engine, you just walk away… “Hands Free” auto arming will completely disable your Slingshot’s entire Ignition system, making it the most advanced and effective security available today!

Plug-N-Play Installation

he KIM-SS kit includes everything you need to add the awesome convenience of complete keyless operation to your Slingshot. Our innovative Plug-N-Play harness uses factory connectors to interface with your Slingshot Ignition system without cutting any wires, Even if you have no installation experience you can easily add this exciting accessory to your Slingshot in under an hour. KIM-SS Quick Install Reference Guide.pdf

Never Get Stranded

Should you ever damage or lose your Dawg Tag don’t even worry. We can get your started right over the phone! Just call or 24/7 Emergency Hotline and we will be happy to get you back on the road. NO WORRIES. . .




When do I have to replace the battery in my key fob?

We recommend changing your batteries once a year; depending on use you can expect to get 1-3 years out of your key fob batteries.

Do the Slingshots lights come on when I walk up to it?

No, the way the DGD-KIM system works is like this; as you approach your Slingshot, the system begins communication to see if you have a valid dawg tag with you. If you have a valid tag the system “pre-authorizes” your ignition and accessory circuits, but doesn’t turn anything on. When you flip your switch to “on” the DGD-KIM sequentially turns on your lights, other Accessories and your ignition on.

If I change the battery in either my Slingshot or key fob do I need to reprogram the fob?

No, The Key fobs utilize non-volatile memory and will not lose their programming if either the fob or the module loses power.

Will the DGD-KIM void my warranty?

Not at all, we have been selling the DGD-KIM series of systems for over 5 years and have never had a single manufactures warranty issue.

Will the system work with my aftermarket or stock alarm system?

Our unit is an independent unit so it will work fine with any aftermarket or stock alarm system.

The System worked great last fall but after winter storage it’s no longer working.

We recommend replacing your key fob batteries once a year, make sure to test your batteries and ensure that they have at least 3.0V, if the battery is at 2.99V it is no longer a good battery.

After winter storage check your Slingshots battery, our system needs to have 10 Volts for the system to operate.

The Slingshot will power-up/energize but will not crank or turn over.

The KIM must see 10Volts to operate, you will need to check your Slingshots battery, it is very likely that it is dropping below 10Volts during cranking and this is causing our unit to not allow the Slingshot to start.

The Key fob LED still lights up, do I still need to replace the battery?

The LED on the key fob requires very little power to light up, The best way to check to see if your battery is still good or needs to be replaced is to unscrew the screw on the back of the fob, pop both batteries out and use a Multi-Meter to test the batteries, they should be at 3.0-3.3Volts, if they are any lower they need to be replaced.

The Key fob LED has started randomly blinking.

If they key fob batteries gets very low this is one of the indicators that you need to replace the batteries.

I went out to my Slingshot and it would not energize.

If you ignore the indicators of a low battery; blinking LED, Decrease in range, the key fob has one more Barrier to prevent you from being stranded. If you ignore the warning signs of a low battery the key fob will kick itself out of Automatic mode and put itself back into manual mode as a way to preserve any power it may have left. You will need to press the black button on your key fob in order to get the Slingshot to start. ** Warning** DO NOT relay on this as your indicator of needing to change your batteries.

I put new batteries in my key fob and I still don’t have as much range as I use to.

Whenever you purchase batteries for your fobs we always recommend taking a multi-meter and testing the batteries to ensure they are 3.0Volts. The CR2032 is a popular battery however it is not as popular as say a AA battery, this means they tend to sit on the store shelf/stock room/ware house etc for longer periods of time.

Will I need to cut any wires?

You will not need to cut any wires, or do any soldering. All wire connections are done with factory connectors.

Will I need any special tools for the install?

The install is designed for your typical DIY type of person; you will not need any specialty tools for this install.

How hard is the install?

The install is designed for your typical DIY type of person; everything you will need is included in the kit.

Does the Slingshot shut off if I walk away with the key fob?

No, the module only needs to see the key fob for Authorization to start not to keep running; we designed the system this way as a safety precaution in case the key fob fell out of your pocket while riding down the freeway or if the batteries died while you were mid ride.

Are the DGD-KIM series of systems good security systems?

Often the first appeal of the DGD-KIM is its convenience or the coolness factor of not having to use keys, but if the system were rated only for the level of security it provides it would still be one of the strongest on the market. What makes the DGD-KIM such as powerful security device is the way it works with your Slingshots electrical system. A common alarm or starter interrupt system is that it only kills one circuit on you Slingshot. This is almost always the starter. In the case of the DGD-KIM it is wired right into the Slingshots whole ignition system, so when its armed no other circuit on the Slingshot can even get power. None of the typical “jump from here to here” tricks will work. Your Slingshot’s simply dead weight.


Module Size 5.5” X 3” X 1.25”

Weight 12 oz

Operating Voltage 12 Volt

Current Handling 4 x 60A

Current Max 300A in-rush

Accessory Circuits 4 Remote controlled / 1 Proximity controlled