Slim Line Buttons

The Slim line Start Button was inspired by the elegant look of the popular Lexus® start button and the desire to create a start button that could be easily installed into any vehicle, even over the existing ignition key cylinder. The Slim Line Start Button is only 1/4″ thick.

This revolutionary design allows the Slim line button to be mounted virtually anywhere with ease. No more need to cut a large hole in your dash or be concerned with how much clearance is behind the dash. The kit comes with a “Mounting Platform” and “Finish Trim Ring” that will even allow you to mount the Slim Line Start Button directly over an existing ignition switch for a beautiful factory finished look to every install.

Slim Line Start Buttons are available with Red, Blue or Green Backlighting. They are prewired onto a 36″ harness with matching system connector for plug & play installation. (No additional wiring is required).