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FITMENT: Any Year. Make, Model Vehicle *excludes 2012 and newer Mercedes Benz

Keyless Ignition, Passive Keyless Entry, Full Alarm, Immobilizer & Push Button Start Kit

The New iKey Premier™ delivers the Ultimate KEYLESS experience.

It is the first true OEM quality push button start kit available to the aftermarket. The new 2nd generation iKey Premier is our most advanced RFID Keyless system yet, with loads of exciting new features, The iKey Premier fully replicates the complete keyless operation found on today’s most advanced luxury vehicles. The iKey Premier combines “Hands Free” Passive Keyless Entry, Keyless Security and Keyless Push Button Start all in one system. Now you can “Go Keyless” with any vehicle you own! The iKey Premier uses advanced RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology from Texas Instruments®, to provide you a smart key system with the ultimate in convenience and protection for your vehicle. No more frustration from searching or fumbling around with keys or remotes. You simply place one of the systems RFID key fobs in your pocket or purse. As you approach your vehicle, your RFID key fob is detected and your vehicles doors instantly unlock. Just climb in, and with a push of the Start Button your engine roars to life. When you exit your vehicle, you just walk away. . . . As you leave the systems frequency range, your doors will automatically lock and iKey’s advanced two stage security system will self-arm leaving your vehicle securely protected. It’s Impossible to forget to protect your vehicle! *** iKey is also available with optional Remote Engine Start to warm your car in the winter or cool it down in the summer.

With the iKey Premier Push Button Start, Losing Your Keys Never Felt So Good!
Additional information

The iKey system combines hands free PKE “Passive Keyless Entry” and PBS “Push Button Start”. The PKE is responsible for “User Authentication” as well as handling all communication with the systems RFID iKey fob, It also instructs your vehicle’s door lock system and other related security systems and components when to operate. The PBS is responsible for electronically replicating all functions of your old ignition key switch. It allows you to start your vehicle or choose to just turn on the accessories like your radio all by the push of the start button. All electronic switching is done by independent high current relays which are housed inside the module. The iKey Premier push to start kit provides you a true Keyless experience.

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Add Extra Fob

NO, 1, 2, 3

Add GPS Tracker

NO, Add GPS, Add GPS + Starter Lockout

Add Remote Start [+$100]


Keyless Features

Revolutionary RFID Security
The iKey™ utilizes state-of-the-art RFID technology (Radio Frequency IDentification) to provide a higher level of security than many OEM Push to Start systems. Each iKey™ is individually unique, with over 6 billion different codes available.
With our exclusive DFDE (Dual Frequency ~ Dual Encryption) communication technology, the iKey™ ensures secure and encrypted communication signals in both directions. This advanced encryption system offers superior Anti-Theft protection, providing you with peace of mind and the assurance that your vehicle is well-protected.
The combination of advanced RFID technology and our proprietary DFDE communication technology sets the iKey™ apart, delivering enhanced security features that surpass many standard systems and prevents “code grabbers”.
Ultimate Convenience
Introducing the new iKEY OEM fob, a stylish and functional device that brings automated operation of your vehicle’s locks in a sleek package. Its high impact plastic housing is surrounded by a wide band of chrome plating, exuding an upscale appearance. The redesigned outer case is thicker and sturdier than previous designs, ensuring longer-lasting durability. A cool blue LED indicator confirms the transmission and reception of your commands by the iKey system.
The system has the capability to learn up to 4 iKey fobs and 2 Emergency Bypass Cards. One iKey fob can be programmed to an unlimited number of vehicles, granting you the convenience of operating all your vehicles with just a single fob. Beyond offering “hands-free” operation of your vehicle, the iKey fob is equipped with 3 buttons that provide extended range control over 6 independent channels. This allows you to manage a wide array of accessories, including Door Locks, Trunk Release, Power Windows, Remote Start, Power Sunroof, Convertible Tops, Lighting, or Audio systems, all from a single remote.
Featuring a Remote Start range of over 250 ft. and a PKE proximity range 200% greater than other systems, the iKey fob ensures excellent coverage, even for large SUV vehicles. Additionally, the fob can be easily switched to “Valet” mode for activities like car washing or vehicle repairs, temporarily disabling the passive Door Lock/Unlock and Alarm functions.
Innovative Design
The iKey fob’s innovative design includes a hidden compartment, allowing you to insert a “Hide a Key” blade for your door locks. This feature ensures that you’ll never be locked out of your vehicle in the event of a dead car battery, providing an extra layer of convenience and peace of mind.
Ultimate Convenience
Forget about the inconvenience of handling keys or remotes. With the iKey system, you can keep the fob in your pocket as you approach your vehicle. The iKey system detects the presence of the key fob, automatically unlocking the doors, disarming the alarm, and authorizing the start button. Once you’re inside the vehicle, starting it is as simple as pressing the start button.
When you’re ready to leave, just shut off the vehicle and step out. The iKey system takes care of the rest. As you move away from the vehicle, typically within a range of 5-10 feet, it automatically locks the doors, arms the alarm, and disables the push button. It’s a seamless and effortless experience that adds a touch of sophistication to your daily routine.
Dual-Antenna System
Discover the remarkable capabilities of the iKey Premier keyless start system, now featuring enhanced range antennas. From compact sub-compacts to spacious SUVs, the iKey Premier ensures effortless passive keyless entry across a wide range of vehicle sizes. With its innovative dual antenna design, you can count on consistent range and reliable performance, no matter the type of vehicle you drive. When it comes to exceptional range and reliability, the iKey Premier stands in a league of its own among aftermarket push button start systems.
Visual Security Notification
When you approach or exit your vehicle, the system will flash your parking lights, serving as a clear indication that it has armed or disarmed. In the event that you accidentally leave a door open when you’re leaving your vehicle, the iKey will promptly alert you with three quick flashes and siren chirps as you walk away. Rest assured, as you continue to move away from your vehicle, a chirp confirmation upon locking and arming will assure you that your vehicle is securely protected. With the iKey, staying informed and keeping your vehicle safe has never been easier.
Ignition Triggered Lock / Unlock
Customizable features of the iKey™ system, including the ability to set automatic door locking and unlocking preferences. With the feature selection, you can configure the system to automatically lock your doors when you turn on the ignition, providing an added layer of security. Similarly, when you turn off the ignition, the system can be set to automatically unlock the doors, ensuring convenient and hassle-free access to your vehicle.
Dual Color LED
The iKey system features a high-output Blue/Red LED that serves multiple purposes. Firstly, it acts as a visual deterrent to potential thieves, signaling that your vehicle is equipped with advanced security measures. Secondly, it provides you with important information about the Push Button Start status and system status, ensuring you stay informed at all times.
Emergency Bypass Card
Rest assured that the iKey system has you covered in case of a lost or damaged Key fob. Included in the system is an Emergency Backup Transponder Card, ensuring you always have access to your vehicle. This advanced technology, similar to what is used for access to high-security buildings, allows you to unlock your doors and start your engine by simply holding the Bypass Card next to your windshield for 6 seconds. The Emergency Bypass Cards are designed to withstand being submerged in water and require no batteries, making them reliable and convenient as a backup access device. Count on this exclusive iKey feature to provide you with peace of mind in any situation.

Push Button Features

Start Button with LED Status Indicator
All our PBS systems include a premium quality Billet Start Button. Choose from over 16 different Billet Start Button combinations in your choice of Brushed Stainless Steel or Black Anodized finishes in either 22mm or 25mm sizes. ( * hole size, button face is 3mm larger) These are high grade, heavy-duty cycle switches crafted with precision and durability in mind. The Billet Start Buttons feature an illuminated halo LED ring, with many available colors that provide a clear indication of system status. For your convenience, these switches come pre-wired with a 36″ plug-in harness, ensuring easy installation and hassle-free setup.
More Start Button Choices
Enhance your Push Button Start installation with the perfect “Finishing Touch”. Delve into our extensive collection of over 50 custom Start Buttons, including Billet style, Slim line, or OEM-style, each tailored to suit your personal preferences and style. We begin with selecting the most exquisite OEM Start Buttons available, which are then carefully modified to seamlessly integrate with push start systems. Just choose from our wide selection and customize your ride to add a personal touch and create a truly unique experience for your vehicle. Experience the perfect synergy between style and performance with our handpicked push button starter switches.
Remote Engine Starting *Optional Upgrade
Seamlessly integrated into our top-of-the-line offering, this system incorporates one of the most sought-after accessories of the decade. With a simple press on your iKey fob, you gain the ability to remotely start your engine, providing a comfortable climate in both winter and summer seasons. Enjoy the convenience and control that iKey Premier™ brings to your driving experience, tailored for individuals who appreciate the finer things in life.
4G GPS Tracking *Optional
Discover exceptional protection and reliability with the Guard Dawg 4G Tracker. This advanced design offers the utmost level of security and dependable 4G tracking available in the market. Stay informed about your vehicle’s location and monitor its condition effortlessly. In the unfortunate event of theft, rely on the Guard Dawg 4G Satellite Tracker to assist you and law enforcement in swiftly recovering your vehicle.
Factory Security Disarm
The iKey™ works in harmony with your factory-installed security features and integrates with your vehicle’s existing OEM Factory security system. Our advanced technology takes control of all arming and disarming operations automatically, ensuring effortless management of all existing security features on your vehicle.
Bypass Module Control Outputs
Whether your vehicle is equipped with a factory “Chip in the Key” system or the latest CANbus digital electronics, our advanced design caters to your needs. The iKey™ includes outputs that facilitate the control of external data or bypass modules, ensuring full compatibility with virtually all electrical systems. From classic cars to the newest computerized electrical systems found in brand new vehicles, the iKey™ seamlessly integrates and adapts to provide optimal performance. Rest assured that our design caters to a wide range of vehicles, ensuring a hassle-free experience regardless of your vehicle’s electrical system.

Start Buttons

Billet ButtonsIntroducing our top-of-the-line Billet Style Start Buttons, meticulously crafted to deliver unparalleled quality and endurance. Engineered to withstand heavy-duty cycles, these buttons are built to last, guaranteeing reliable performance for years to come. Featuring anti-vandal security switches, our Billet Start Buttons provide an additional safeguard for your vehicle, ensuring its protection against unauthorized access. With the illumination of an LED halo ring, these buttons not only elevate the visual appeal of your vehicle but also serve as a practical indicator. The halo LED ring shines brightly when you approach your vehicle, while flashing it indicates the vehicle is ready to start. Experience the perfect fusion of style and functionality with our push button start switch options.
Available in two sizes, 22mm and 25mm (hole size), our Billet Start Buttons offer flexibility to suit your preferences. You can choose between stainless steel with a sleek “soft brushed” finish or opt for the black anodized finish. To ensure easy installation, each Billet Start Button comes with a locking nut for secure mounting and is prewired with a 36″ harness and a matching system connector. This plug-and-play design eliminates the need for additional wiring, simplifying the installation process.
Black Anodized / Blue LED From: $42.95
Black Anodized / Green LED From: $42.95
Black Anodized / Red LED From: $42.95
Black Anodized / White LED From: $42.95
Brushed Stainless / Blue LED From: $42.95
Brushed Stainless / Red LED From: $42.95
Brushed Stainless / Green LED From: $42.95
Brushed Stainless / White LED From: $42.95
Slim line Buttons Introducing our Slim Line Start Button, a perfect fusion of style and functionality, inspired by the iconic Lexus® start button. Engineered with precision, this versatile push button starter switch is designed to integrate into any vehicle, replacing the existing ignition switch. With its slim profile, measuring just 1/4″ in thickness, our start button adds a modern touch to your vehicle’s interior while providing convenience and security. Experience the convenience of push button start.
This innovative design makes it a breeze to install the Slim Line button virtually anywhere. You won’t need to cut a large hole in your dashboard or worry about clearance behind it. The kit includes a “Mounting Platform” and “Finish Trim Ring” that even lets you mount the Slim Line Start Button right over an existing ignition switch, giving your installation a factory-like finish.
We understand the importance of customization, which is why our Slim Line Start Buttons are available with your choice of Red, Blue, White, or Green backlighting. Select the color that suits your style and preference, enhancing the aesthetics of your vehicle’s interior. Our buttons come prewired onto a 36″ harness with a matching system connector, allowing for hassle-free plug-and-play installation. No additional wiring is required, saving you time and effort.
Slim-line SL OEM Blue $69.95
Slim-line SL OEM Green $69.95
Slim-line SL OEM Red $69.95
OEM ButtonsEach OEM factory push start button is customized to function seamlessly with Digital Guard Dawg systems. These start buttons come prewired and include a 36″ harness with a matching system connector, enabling a hassle-free, plug-and-play installation that eliminates the need for additional wiring.
Ford Raptor® – Flat Black $199.00
Aston Martin® – Black $499.00
Corvette® C7 – Black $272.50
Corvette® C7 – Silver $222.50
Cadillac Escalade® – Black $199.00
Honda® Civic – Red $199.00
Honda® Civic – White $199.00
Honda® HRV – Red $259.00
Nissan® – Black $199.00
Nissan® – Amber $199.00
Honda® S2000 – Red $259.00
Lexus® LX – Black $199.00
Nissan® NZ1 – White $199.00
Nissan® NZ2 – Red $199.00
Nissan® NZ3 – Clear $199.00
Toyota® Power – Black $199.00
Ford® – Black $199.00


Full iKey Demo
2005 Chevy SSR With iKey
2010 Camaro With iKey RS OEM Fobs
2015 Camaro With iKey
Pontiac GTO With iKey
99 Acura TL With iKey


The iKey Premier system is compatible with custom vehicles as long as they have power door locks or door poppers. It offers a great fit for a wide range of vehicles, including those that have undergone significant modifications. However, if your vehicle has extensive modifications, it is recommended to contact the Digital Guard Dawg team directly to ensure that the iKey system is the best fit for your specific needs. They can provide personalized assistance and guidance based on the unique characteristics of your custom vehicle.
To ensure optimal performance, it is generally recommended to replace the batteries in your key fob once a year. However, the lifespan of the batteries can vary based on usage. On average, you can expect to get 1 to 3 years of use from your key fob batteries before needing to replace them. It’s important to keep an eye on the battery life and replace them promptly when they begin to weaken or fail to avoid any inconvenience or potential issues with the key fob functionality.
When purchasing the iKey system, it comes with one fob as standard. If you wish to include additional fobs with your order, you can select the desired quantity from the drop-down menu. It’s important to note that when additional fobs are ordered at the time of purchase, they will be shipped out preprogrammed to seamlessly integrate with your system. This ensures convenience and ease of use, allowing you to immediately use the additional fobs without the need for separate programming steps.
When it comes to selecting a button for your iKey system, the choice primarily depends on your personal aesthetic preferences. You can explore the available button options by visiting this webpage: Button Selection
Among the various choices, some of our most popular buttons include the Slim Line Lexus buttons, which are known for their sleek design that complements almost any vehicle. Another popular option is the Ford Raptor button, which offers a distinct style. Additionally, our standard 22mm billet buttons are widely favored.
Ultimately, the decision of which button will work best for you is subjective and based on your individual taste and the desired look for your vehicle’s interior. Feel free to explore the button options provided on the webpage to find the one that resonates with your style preferences.
Yes, the iKey systems are compatible with diesel vehicles. You can easily use the system in your diesel vehicle with just one additional wire connection. The installation process is straightforward, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance. Enjoy the convenience of keyless ignition in your diesel vehicle with the iKey system.
If you received a billet button that is the wrong size, it’s important to note that the measurements provided for the buttons refer to the barrel size, which is the size of the hole you will need to drill. The face of the button itself will be approximately 3mm larger than the barrel.
To ensure accurate sizing please refer to the specifications provided on the Buttons Page. This will give you detailed information about the dimensions and specifications of each button. By reviewing these specifications, you can select the appropriate button size that matches your requirements.
All of our fobs are powered by a standard CR2032 battery, which can be easily obtained from dealerships, retail stores, or hardware stores. However, when purchasing a new battery, it’s important to test its voltage as you never know how long it may have been sitting on the shelf. A good battery should measure over 3.0 volts.
Certainly! It’s important to note that the key fobs can be programmed specifically for Digital Guard Dawg push button start systems in multiple vehicles. With the ability to program your key fob to various Digital Guard Dawg systems, you have the convenience of carrying just one key fob with you.
This feature allows you to easily switch between different vehicles equipped with Digital Guard Dawg push button start systems. It eliminates the need for carrying multiple keys or fobs, simplifying your experience when accessing and starting different vehicles with ease.
In most cases, older vehicles do not require a data module or bypass module when installing the iKey system. To determine the specific needs of your vehicle, it is recommended to contact the Digital Guard Dawg Tech Support team. They have the expertise to assess your vehicle’s make, model, and year, and provide personalized guidance.
The Digital Guard Dawg Tech Support team is well-versed in providing accurate information and recommendations tailored to your vehicle’s specifications. By reaching out to them, you can ensure a smooth integration of the iKey system into your vehicle. They will assist you in determining whether a data module or bypass module is necessary for your specific vehicle.
When it comes to the installation of the iKey system, the process is generally straightforward, particularly for older vehicles, making it accessible for customers who prefer a DIY approach. However, it is important to exercise caution and carefully follow the provided instructions to ensure a successful installation.
For newer vehicles, professional installation is strongly recommended. This is because newer vehicles often have more complex electrical systems and sophisticated technologies, which may require specialized knowledge and tools to ensure proper integration of the iKey system.
By opting for professional installation, you can benefit from the expertise of skilled installers who are familiar with the intricacies of newer vehicle models. They can handle the installation process seamlessly, ensuring that all connections are made correctly and minimizing the risk of any issues or complications.
Ultimately, whether you choose to install the iKey system yourself or opt for professional installation, the goal is to achieve a convenient and reliable keyless ignition experience. Consider the complexity of your vehicle’s electrical system and make a decision that best suits your comfort level and expertise.
In the event that you lose your key fob or if the battery dies, the iKey system provides an emergency bypass card for such situations. This waterproof bypass card is included with each system.
To start your vehicle using the emergency bypass card, simply wave the card near the bypass antenna. This action will unlock the doors, allowing you to enter the vehicle and start it without the need for the key fob. It’s important to note that the emergency bypass card does not require batteries to function.
Having the emergency bypass card provides you with a reliable backup solution in case of key fob loss or battery failure. It ensures that you can still access and start your vehicle, offering peace of mind in unexpected circumstances.
Absolutely! The iKey system is compatible with any momentary 12V button of your choice. You are not limited to the buttons offered by Digital Guard Dawg. If you have a specific button in mind that you would like to use, simply contact us at 877-246-5395, and our team will be glad to assist you.
In addition, we offer the option to modify buttons to ensure compatibility with our system. This allows you to achieve the desired look and feel for your vehicle’s interior. Feel free to reach out to us, and we will work with you to ensure that your vehicle has the aesthetic you desire while maintaining functionality with the iKey system.
At Digital Guard Dawg, we understand the importance of personalization, and we strive to provide flexibility in button choices to meet your preferences and vehicle customization needs.
No, you do not need to reprogram the key fobs if you change the battery in either the car or the key fob. The key fobs are equipped with non-volatile memory, which preserves their programming even in the event of power loss to the key fob or the module. As a result, replacing the batteries does not require reprogramming, offering a hassle-free experience with the iKey system.

Technical Info

Specifications The iKey system incorporates high-current relays directly on its board, enabling precise and independent control of various circuits. It offers individual switching for the Starter, Ignition, and three separate Accessory circuits. During starter crank, one of the Accessory circuits is intelligently designed to switch off, reducing the current draw from components like the A/C system. Conversely, another Accessory circuit remains active throughout the operation, ensuring uninterrupted power supply to vital components such as computers. This meticulous configuration showcases the system’s attention to detail and its ability to optimize functionality and power management in different operational scenarios.
Power Outputs:
  • Ignition Circuits: 2 positive / 1 negative
  • Accessory Circuits: 3 positive / 1 negative
  • Starter Circuits: 2 positive / 1 negative
Addition iKey Features:
  • 2 Stage Shock Sensor
  • Auto Window Closing
  • Door Not Closed Reminder
  • Key Not Found Reminder
  • Ignition Controlled Door Locks
  • One Touch Starting (RS option)
  • Built in Door Lock/Unlock Relays (Eliminates the need to wire any off board relays)
  • Built in Remote Start diagnostic
  • Simplified Tach Programming
  • 5 DIP Switches for user selectable: – Dome light Delay – Shaved Door Poppers ( PKE OFF) – Alarm Features ON/OFF – Single / Dual Pulse Door Locks
iKey System Details:
  • Control Module Size 5.25” X 4.25” X 1.25”
  • Weight 22 oz
  • Operating Voltage 12 Volt
  • Current Handling 4 x 40A
  • Current Max 220A in-rush
  • Accessory Circuits 3 + / 1 (-)


Guard Dawg 5G trackerThe Guard DawgTracker’s advanced design provides the highest level of Protection and most reliable 5G Tracking money can buy!. Always know where your vehicle is.
  • Theft Alert
  • Tow Alert
  • Ignition On Alert
  • Low Battery Alert
  • Remote Starter Lockout Option
  • Automatically sets a 150 ft Theft Fence every time you park
Mobile app shows Satellite, Map and Street Views with pinpoint accuracy! Updates your vehicle’s position every 2 minutes
  • 5G Real-Time Satellite Tracking with pin point accuracy
  • Easy to use IOS & Android mobile app displays Satellite, Map and Street Views
  • IP67 rated waterproof sealed enclosure designed for heavy vibration
  • Won’t drain your battery like inexpensive tracking systems
  • Updates vehicle position every 2 minutes
  • Backup Lithium Ion battery that can lasts for days
  • US Based tech support
  • Exclusive Power Management Circuitry – ultra-low current protects against battery drain
  • Works right out of the box
Receive alert notifications for:
  • Ignition on alert
  • 150 ft. “Theft Fence” automatically activates every time you park
  • After hours use alert
  • Towing alert
  • Low battery alert
  • Geo-fence violations
  • Excess speed alert
  • Remote starter lockout (optional)
What makes the Guard Dawg Tracker better?When considering a tracking system for your vehicle, it’s essential to prioritize reliable coverage. Many tracking systems still rely on the outdated 3G network, which has limited coverage as 3G towers are gradually being phased out. To ensure consistent and comprehensive coverage across the country, it is recommended to choose a tracking system that operates on the advanced 5G cellular service.
Unlike 4G, 5G provides robust and widespread coverage, allowing you to track your vehicle with confidence from various locations. With its long-term border-to-border and coast-to-coast coverage, 5G cellular service ensures that you can accurately locate your vehicle whenever needed. By opting for a tracking system equipped with 5G technology, you can take advantage of the latest network standards and enjoy reliable tracking capabilities to protect your vehicle effectively.
Power Draw vs. Locating AccuracyUnlike many GPS systems that make compromises in their design, sacrificing location accuracy for low battery power draw, we at Guard Dawg Tracker refuse to cut corners. We understand the importance of conserving battery power, but we won’t settle for infrequent and unreliable location updates. Unlike some cheap GPS systems that only provide actual vehicle location information once or twice a day, leaving you with subpar accuracy when you need it most, our system takes a different approach. We prioritize timely and precise location updates, ensuring that you always have access to accurate and up-to-date information. With Guard Dawg Tracker, you can rely on our uncompromising commitment to delivering accurate tracking capabilities while maintaining battery efficiency.
Guard Dawg Tracker addresses this challenge with our groundbreaking “APMC” (Advanced Power Management Circuitry). This innovative technology enables the system to enter a deep sleep and power-saving mode when your vehicle is stationary, effectively minimizing current draw and preventing battery drain. When motion is detected, the system seamlessly wakes up, ensuring real-time GPS location information is continuously updated with exceptional precision. With location updates occurring every 2 minutes, you can rely on our advanced power management solution to strike the perfect balance between conserving battery power and delivering accurate tracking capabilities.
Starter LockoutUpgrade to Starter Lockout. Starter lockout gives you the capability to turn ON or OFF a circuit in the vehicle via the GPS phone app. Most commonly used to lock out the starter, this circuit can alternatively be used to trigger a siren installed inside the vehicle to force a thief out of your vehicle if a violation has been detected.
SpecificationsCELLULAR TECHNOLOGY Dual-Band LTE Cat 1: Bands 4, 13 Tri-Band LTE Cat 1: Bands 2, 4, 12 Uplink Protocol: FTP/HTTP/HTTPS/SMTP/POP3/TCP/UDP/SMSGPS TECHNOLOGY Location Technology: 56 channel GPS Tracking Sensitivity: -162 dBm Location Accuracy (open sky): +/- 2.5m Cold Start Acquisition: 29 seconds Hot Start Acquisition: 1 second LED Status Indicators: Cellular, GPSPOWER Input Power Range: 6-36VDC Tracking Mode: 65mA @ 12VDC Sleep Mode: 2mA @ 12VDC Backup Battery: 400 mAh rechargeable Lithium-ionENVIRONMENT Operating Temp: -30º C to 80º C Dimensions: 4.4 x 2.2 x 0.7 Weight: 100gCERTIFICATIONS NA: FCC, IC, PTCRB ROW: CE, GCF, e-Mark, RoHS2


13 reviews for iKey Premier

  1. Jason

    I took delivery of my new F150 a few weeks ago and didn’t realize how much i would missing having a push button start like on my Mustang. Luckily i found this system and was able to get it for a fraction of what it would have cost if i had purchased the higher level trim. Very good deal.

  2. Jake

    We get real hot down here in Phoenix its nice to roll my windows down and start the car right before im done with my shift atleast some of the hot air is out and the ac is pumping

  3. Josh T.

    Works as advertised and Gaurd Dawg was able to get me in touch with a shop in my town to do the install.

  4. Kevin Walker

    I’ve had the system on my civic for a few days and the S2000 button looks sweet!

  5. Ed Carter

    Had the older system on my bronco, ordered this one for my F100, they made the install much easier.

  6. Daniel Jackson

    This system is a great, when i got my F150 it didnt have the push button start, and ford didnt have an option for me besides to buy another truck that had push button. after talking with the techs at guard dawg they let me know what i needed to fully convert my truck over to a push button start. i ended up going with the ford raptor button and got the dash panel from ford so it now looks like it came from the factory with button.

  7. Matt

    I’m really glad i purchased this system for my Kia, it works just like a new vehicle now and i know its secure so im not worried about parking it on the street.

  8. Jessica S

    Someone tried to steal my Elantra and destroyed the keyswitch, the dealership quoted me over $4000 to get it fixed, this system saved me a ton of money and gave me more features and security. I love that i don’t have to take my key out of my purse anymore.

  9. Tony Hernandez

    Just had this system installed on my 69 Camaro, it works just like my 16 camaro now, truely a must for anyone doing a restomod.

  10. Andrew

    I really love this system, when i bought it my wife complained about how much money i spent on it, however, once she saw how it worked she demanded i put one on her truck haha.

  11. Amanda G.

    I’m really glad i purchased this system, its so nice to just keep my key in my purse and walk up to my car and it automatically does everything for me. I don’t know why Kia doesn’t make this come on all their cars.

  12. Brian D.

    My daily driver is a Silverado with keyless already, im really glad i found this kit to make my 74 Trans Am keyless to

  13. steve

    the system works good and was straight forward to hookup it took 5 days to get to me tho

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