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Push Button Start System for Hot Rods
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FITMENT: Pre 1998 vehicles not needing any remote accessory control.

The PBS-I is a professional grade RFID push button start system lets you start your vehicle with just the touch of a button! Using advanced RFID technology (Radio Frequency Identification) just like that found on world’s finest luxury vehicles, the PBS-I completely eliminates your vehicles ignition key switch and provides proximity controlled automatic operation of your entire Ignition. Simply carry one of the systems digital RFID “iTags” with you. As you come into proximity of your vehicle, the PBS-I verifies your identity, authorizes your ignition and with just the “Push of a Button” your engine roars to life! When you arrive at your destination, another push turns your engine off and you just walk away. The PBS-I is designed for vehicles where NO need for extra output channels for power locks, windows or truck release are required. The PBS-I fully emulates all the functions of a traditional keyed ignition switch, allowing the user to select either ACC only / ACC + IGN /or START modes all from a single button. The PBS-I easily installs on any Classics and Hotrods. Heavy duty power connectors with 12 GA bus insulated wiring correctly matches existing high current ignition switch wiring found on many classic vehicles. Additionally, the PBS-I boasts onboard 60A high current relays on a 4oz copper chassis, eliminating all unsightly and failure prone external relay wiring. No one else in the world builds anything even close!
  • Onboard 60A relays eliminate unsightly and failure prone external relay wiring
  • Dual Mode RFID Transmitters provide both Manual & Automatic operation
  • Emergency Bypass Card assures starting even if you lose your RFID Transmitter.
  • Internal MSD filtering circuitry
  • Proudly made in the USA


iTAG Transponder

The RFID iTag represents a true innovation in vehicle security & convenience. It will only authorize your Ignition when you are within close range of your vehicle. Each iTag is completely unique with over 6 billion different codes. iTags have “dual mode operation” witch allows you to select between Automatic or Manual modes with complete control of how and when your system arms and disarms. iTags are powered by an easily replaceable lithium battery that lasts over a year. An unlimited number of iTags can be programmed into each system and a single iTag can be programmed to work every vehicle you own!

Start Button with LED Status Indicator

PBS Systems come standard with our 22mm Billet style Start Button, It is a top quality / heavy duty cycle switch with an attractive “soft brushed” finish. An Illuminated halo LED ring indicates system status. Switches are pre-wired to a 36″ plug in harness. Available in 3 LED colors; RED, BLUE or GREEN.

System Control Module

The system control module has 60A high current relays which are right on board, eliminating all unsightly and failure prone external relay wiring. Individually controlled circuits for Starter, Ignition and two separate Accessory circuits allows the system to install into any vehicle. One ACC circuit switches OFF during starter crank (to minimize current draw from components like A/C) and another that stays ON (for components such as computers.

Full Ignition Switch Functionality

Using brake pedal controlled switching the system fully emulates the functions of a traditional key switch. Want to operate accessories without starting your engine? Just use the Brake to select between different Ignition modes: “Accessory Only Mode” ( Radio ) “Accessory + Ignition Mode” ( Heating / Fans / Radio ) *** At any time you can go directly to “Start Mode”

Choice of Start Buttons

Customize your Ultimate Keyless installation even more with one of our optional Start Buttons choices. We start with of the most beautiful OEM buttons available and individually modify them to work with our 2GO Keyless™ systems.

Emergency Bypass

Should you ever lose or damaged your iTag™ the system includes a Emergency Backup PIN# Card that will allow you to start your vehicle in a emergency. A 2GO KEYLESS™ exclusive feature!




1975 Caprice by VIP Auto Salon



How difficult is installation?

Installation is relatively easy and requires only reconnecting the existing Ignition Switch wires to the PBS module.

How many tags can a system learn?

The system can learn up an unlimited number Dawg Tags. You can also program a single Dawg Tag into multiple systems so that you can operate an UNLIMITED number of vehicles carrying just one Dawg Tag. Just walk up to any car you own, hope in and go!

Can the PBS operate my door locks?

The PBS-I “Push Button Start” system does not control your door locks. It exclusively operates the function of your ignition. The PBS II “Push Button Start” system will control your door locks as well as up to three additional accessories such as Trunk release, window roll up, etc.

How many DT come with a system?

Each Digital Guard Dawg System comes with (1) Dawg Tag included. You can purchase extra Dawg Tags and program up to (4) per system. Extra Dawg Tags are $69.00 and can be added any time.

How would I start my car if I lose the iTag or its battery goes dead?

Both the PBS I and PBS II systems comes with a “Owner Card” that has a unique 4 digit PIN number on it and a “Programming Switch” that plugs into the control module. If you were to completely lose your Dawg Tag you could use the programming switch to enter your PIN number into the system and start your vehicle.

Are all Dawg Tags a different code or frequency?

Each Tag has its own unique digital code, (one in over 6 billion codes) just like the different serial numbers on a dollar bill. The systems “learn” the tags serial number.

Can the PBS use a different button then the one you supply?

The PBS can be adapted to work with any momentary switch.

Can it arm and disarm another alarm system?

The PBS I system will work fine with any other alarm system, but it works independently and does not control the other system. The PBS II can control other systems simply by using one of the additional output channels as a control channel.

If I change the car battery does the system need to be reprogrammed?

No, all our systems have a non-volatile memory and will not lose code when disconnected from power.

Can i still start my car using my keys?

There are several ways of wiring the system into your vehicle, if you leave your current Ignition switch connected, you can always start your vehicle in the traditional way using your key.



Module Size 5.5” X 3” X 1.25”

Weight 12 oz

Operating Voltage 12 Volt

Current Handling 4 x 60A

Current Max 300A in-rush

Accessory Circuits None


Everybody wants to see it work. It so tight. No alarm anywhere compares to the Dawg!

Thao Nguyen

Awesome upgrade! I’m now totally keyless! I just walk up and get in, Push the start button and Go! It’s even cooler then I imagined it would be. What else can I say, I love it!

Tony Gillette

I am extremely happy with the Guard Dawg Keyless ignition system. I contacted the company with a few questions before I bought. The representative was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. I would highly recommend the Guard Dawg to Anyone!

Rick Mayfield

The Guard Dawg is the best option I’ve ever added to my truck. It was easy to install, works just like promised. Looks and operates beautiful. I’m extremely happy.

Hector Creveco

I was excited when I first read about the Digital Guard Dawg but it has exceeded all my expectations. It works like a dream, my car knows it me when I walk up, the LED button is beautiful (especially at night). Not messing with buttons or keys is awesome. You have a real winner guys!

Tom Morton