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FITMENT: Any year vehicle with an existing aftermarket Keyless Entry Alarm or Remote Start.
Keyless Ignition &

Push Button Start

  The PBS-X Push Button Start X-pansion Module adds Push Button Start to vehicles with an aftermarket existing alarm. It’s the perfect solution for those who want to add the convenience and elegance of a Keyless Push Button Start system to a vehicle which already has a high end alarm system with traditional keyless entry installed.The Push Button Start system operates using your alarms existing alarm remote transmitters and eliminates the need to carry two different transmitters with you. PBS-X uses a standard negative output signal found on all traditional alarms to activate and deactivate the systems Push Button Start functions at that same time your current alarm system arms and disarms. As you approach your vehicle and press the unlock button of your alarm transmitter the PBS-X Start Button LED will illuminate. Just get in, place your foot on the brake and press the start button to fire up your engine!
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Viper Alarms



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Add GPS Tracker

NO, Add GPS, Add GPS + Starter Lockout


Total “hands-free” convenience
As you approach your vehicle and press the unlock button on your aftermarket alarm’s remote, the PBS-X Start Button LED will immediately illuminate, indicating the system is disarmed. Simply get inside your vehicle, step on the brake pedal, and fire up your engine with a push of your Start Button.. The PBS-X integrates with popular alarm systems like CompuStar, Viper and any others, utilizing your remote transmitter key fob and eliminating the need to carry an additional transmitter. Enjoy the feeling of luxury of the PBS-X push button start kit. * The PBS-X works with all Aftermarket Alarms and Remote Start systems from: Directed Electronics, Viper Alarm, CompuStar, Prestige, Omega, Code Alarm, Crmestopper, Excalibur, Avital, Automate and more.
PBS-X Operation
Once authorized, the start button lights up, indicating that the system is ready for action. Thanks to this advanced technology, activating the accessory mode is as easy as a quick tap of the start button. Subsequently, a second press activates both the ignition and the secondary accessory circuits. And when it’s time to bring everything to a halt, a third press of the start button shuts down the entire system.
If you’re ready to get your wheels turning, you’ll press down on the brake pedal, the start button flashes, indicating the system is ready to start the engine, press the button and the motor roars to life. When it’s time to shut the vehicle down, pressing the brake pedal followed by the starter button will shut everything down.
By integrating the brake pedal as a vital element in the starting process, our system guarantees heightened safety and control.
Start Button with LED Status Indicator
All our PBS systems include a premium quality Billet Start Button. Choose from over 16 different Billet Start Button combinations in your choice of Brushed Stainless Steel or Black Anodized finishes in either 22mm or 25mm sizes. ( * hole size, button face is 3mm larger) These are high grade, heavy-duty cycle switches crafted with precision and durability in mind. The Billet Start Buttons feature an illuminated halo LED ring, with 4 available colors that provide a clear indication of system status. For your convenience, these switches come pre-wired with a 36″ plug-in harness, ensuring easy installation and hassle-free setup.
Choice of Start Buttons
Enhance your Push Button Start installation with the perfect “Finishing Touch”. Delve into our extensive collection of over 50 custom Start Buttons, including Billet style, Slim line, or OEM-style, each tailored to suit your personal preferences and style.


PBS-X with Clifford
2007 GMC Truck With PBS-X
Wishing I Had Keyless


Our system is compatible with a wide range of aftermarket alarm and Remote Start systems, ensuring seamless integration and enhanced functionality.
The PBS-X system is a versatile choice that perfectly complements custom vehicles equipped with aftermarket alarms, providing an ideal solution for enhanced security and convenience.
When it comes to selecting a button for your system, you have a variety of options to suit your aesthetic preferences. On the “Start Button Options” tab at the top of the product page, you’ll find an extensive range of buttons to choose from. Our lineup includes popular choices like the sleek Slim line Lexus series, the iconic Honda S2000 button, the rugged Ford Raptor Start button, and the sporty Nissan GT-R start button. Additionally, we offer reliable standard 22mm billet buttons for those seeking a classic look.
Yes, the PBS-X system is compatible with diesel vehicles. It can be easily installed by connecting an additional wire specific to diesel engines.
The installation is very straight forward and comparable to your typical remote start install.
Absolutely! Our system is compatible with any momentary 12V button, providing you with flexibility in choosing the button that suits your preferences. Additionally, we offer the option to modify buttons to work seamlessly with our system. Feel free to reach out to us at 877-246-5395, and our team will be happy to assist you in achieving the desired aesthetic for your vehicle.


  • Module Size 4.5” X 3.5” X 1”
  • Weight 11 oz
  • Operating Voltage 12 Volt
  • Current Handling 4 x 40A
  • Current Max 220A in-rush



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