PBS X Support

How difficult is the install?

The install is on par with your typical hardwired remote start, We do recommend professional installation as it does require identifying specific wires.

How do I bypass the factory immobilizer?

To bypass the factory immobilizer, you will use either a data module or a bypass module.

How does the system handle steering column locks?

There are a few different ways to handle steering column locks, we recommend the cut key method, this entails getting a copy of the key made, testing the new key to make sure it works the ignition switch, cutting the head off the key blade leaving enough of the blade for your to stick it in the ignition and turning it to run to unlock the column. Once our system is fully installed your key switch is simply a mechanical lock. Another method is to go into the steering column lock and physically disabling it. If the steering column lock is electric, you can use one of our outputs to disable it as well.

What is a Bypass Module?

A Bypass Module makes it possible to connect after-market electronics into a modern networked vehicle ignition system. A car with “Chip in the Key” an Immobilizer Interface has a coded ignition cylinder, meaning without the proper chip key, the vehicle will not start. When you push the start button of your system the Bypass Module will allow the vehicle to “see” the correct key, and start just like the key was in the car. Most all Remote Start installations of any brand product require either a Bypass (or Data) module. There are several brands of these products, all good in quality and they are available for a nominal cost from any alarm installation shop.

What is a Data Integration module?

Much like a Bypass Module, a Data Integration Module preforms the same immobilizer bypass functions but additionally interfaces with other vehicle systems such as door locks, Ignition circuits etc. Many modern vehicles use integrated electrical systems that network many electrical components in your vehicle. A Data Integration Module speaks to the factory computer in its native language. As with Bypass modules, there are several brands of these products, all good in quality and they are available from any alarm installation shop.

The ignition and ACC circuits power up but the vehicle will not crank:

If When you depress the brake and the start button starts blinking Check the heavy gauge purple wire to make sure this is hooked up to your starter, If you have a relay inline be sure to check and make sure it is wired properly and is operating correctly.
If when you depress the brake the start button DOES NOT blink, check your brake wire connection, our small gauge brown brake wire needs to receive 12Volts when the brake is depressed.

How does the PBS-X receive authorization?

The PBS-X receives its authorized from either a pulsed or latched ground signal, when installing into a vehicle with an aftermarket alarm, you will want to use the alarms ground when disarmed wire to authorize the PBS-X.

Will this system work with a factory alarm system?

The PBS-X was designed to work with all aftermarket alarm systems; a factory alarm system does not give out the proper output to trigger authorization. However you are able to use a factory unlock signal to authorize the PBS-X you will want to make sure that this signal will be coming from the factory remote and not the in door unlock button.

Can I grab the unlock signal from the vehicle to authorize the system?

Yes, However you need to make sure to diode isolate the signal so that the unlock switch in the car will not trigger our system to authorize. When doing this make to test all of the lock/unlock switches in the vehicle.