iKey-M Support


The Range on my key fob has decreased.

We recommend changing your batteries once a year, the batteries must have a voltage of no less than 3.0Volts. If the batteries are at 2.9 Volts or less they are no longer a good battery, you will experience a decrease in range.

I came back from vacation/Holiday and my range was less than 5 feet.

If they ikey system does not detect use in 5 days it will reduce its range to preserve battery life, every 5 days the system will reduce its range to preserve the life of your battery. Simply press the UNLOCK button on your transmitter and the range will readjust.

The Key fob’s LED still lights up do I still need to replace the battery?

The LED on the key fob requires very little power to light up, The best way to check to see if your battery is still good or needs to be replaced is to unscrew the screws on the back of the fob, pop the battery out and use a Multi-Meter to test the battery, it should be at 3.0-3.3Volts, if it is any lower it needs to be replaced.

The vehicle will crank but the start button immediately starts flashing again or changing colors

This is the system telling you that your vehicles battery is low; the ikey system requires your vehicles battery to be at 10 Volts + in order to operate correctly, if your battery is below 10Volts the system will reset itself. The ikey LED will blink Red-Blue-Red-Blue even while you are inside the vehicle.

The Range is Short

Make sure the antennas are plugged in correctly and that you did not accidently plug in the bypass antenna into the main antenna harness, Ensure that the antennas are not touching metal. The antennas are a sensitive component, make sure you do not tear the jacket protecting the wires, if the wire is broken and a strand is touching metal the antenna will need to be replaced. Do NOT wrap the antenna wires around a bunch of other wires, this will cause a reduction in range from interference.

The Horn will randomly beep twice at me

This is due to the “ikey not found reminder”, this function can be turned off by looking in your owners-manual, page 4 item 5. When your door is opened and closed such as letting a passenger out of the vehicle and then the system sees an input on the brake wire the system will search for a key fob, if one is not detected it will beep twice. The key fob may be inside the vehicle but out of range of the antennas.

The Ignition and accessories are stuck on.

Simple Answer: The unit is stuck in “Run” mode, walk it through a shutdown sequence to reset the unit, to fix it press and hold the brake, press and hold the start button for about 1.5-2 seconds and everything will shut down. Long Answer: The system is very sequence oriented since we do not monitor a Tach signal. The system was at some point walked through a start sequence, so the module believes the engine is running, to fix it press and hold the brake, press and hold the start button for about 1.5-2 seconds and everything will shut down.

The Ignition and ACC circuits will come on but the car will not crank.

Make sure your key is snug in the bypass module, ensure there are not any cuts or breaks in the antenna wire going up to your key switch. If when you depress the brake the start button DOES NOT blink, check your brake wire connection, our small gauge brown brake wire needs to receive 12Volts when the brake is depressed.

DIY Installation

The iKEY-M has been designed specifically for the DIY enthusiast. A highly detailed and comprehensive install guide combined with a pre-assembled wire harness makes installation clear and straight forward. Critical ignition connections are made using a Plug & Play harness with factory connector attached. Additional Accessory connections are all made at a single kick panel location with factory color matched / cut to length wires using 3M quick connects. Our innovative design allows even someone with only modest installation experience to dress up their pony with this sizzling accessory.