PBS I / PBS II Support

My system is stuck on what do I do ?

This is our most commonly asked question especially for those who are in the middle of building their hotrod. The performance series PBS-I and PBS-II systems are sequence oriented systems, if they are stuck in run mode what most likely happened is it was walked through a start sequence and either the motor was not able to get started, it was stalled out or you are have started testing the system before the engine is capable of running. Since the system was walked through a start sequence all you need to do is walk it through a shutdown sequence, to do this simply put your foot on the brake and then press and hold your start button for about 1 second until everything shuts off.

How difficult is the installation?

The installation is very straight forward, for basic system functionality it only requires 7 wires. It does require identifying wires and making connections but is very self-explanatory.

My system is always lit up what do I do ?

This is a question we get asked all the time from customers who are in the middle of building their car, what is most likely happening is that you are leaving the car in ACC mode and don’t have anything hooked up to that circuit yet so it is hard to tell. You can verify this by checking your heavy gauge brown wire for voltage, if it has 12V we have verified that you are in ACC mode, simply press the button one more time to go into IGN, and then a third time will shut it down. Walk away with the itag and your start button light will turn off now.

My vehicle doesn’t have power door locks how do I hook them up?

There are many different ways to hook up aftermarket power door locks, as well as different actuator types. We recommend our 2-wire reversing gun-type actuators with our door lock module to make for a simple install. Our system can work with any of the common set ups out there, it is important to note that our outputs are trigger wires and you can NOT hook up out unlock/lock wires directly to your actuators.

How would I start my car in the event that I lost my iTag?

Each system comes with an owners card that has a 4 digit pin code, on the back of the owners card there are instructions on how to enter the emergency bypass mode, once you are in emergency bypass mode you just enter your 4 digital pin code and the system will allow you to start the vehicle up.

What do I do with the Ground when Disarmed wire?

This wire is an output wire, when the system is disarmed this wire spits out a ground signal, most of our customers do not take advantage of this wire and you can simply cap the wire off. However this wire can be used to control lighting or other features based on your proximity with a valid itag to the vehicle.

Will this system work on a 24 Volt vehicle?

If you are looking for security or push button solutions for 24 Volt vehicles please give us a call at 877-246-5395.

Will your system work with a Dakota Digital system?

Our unit is a stand-alone piece and will work with your Dakota Digital system.

The ignition and ACC circuits power up but the vehicle will not crank.

If When you depress the brake and the start button starts blinking Check the heavy gauge purple wire to make sure this is hooked up to your starter, If you have a relay inline be sure to check and make sure it is wired properly and is operating correctly. If when you depress the brake the start button DOES NOT blink, check your brake wire connection, our small gauge brown brake wire needs to receive 12Volts when the brake is depressed.

I Have a fuel pump that needs to prime or diesel glow plugs that need time before starting.

You can go into the Programmable features section of the manual and set a start delay giving your fuel pump time to prime or your glow plugs time to heat up.

Do I need to program the itags to the system?

No, all Itags shipped with PBS-I and PBS-II systems come pre-programmed.

I programmed a new iTag to the system, now the old one doesn’t work:

Whenever you enter Tag Learning mode, the System clears its memory of any previous tags, so when you go to program your new one, make sure you have your old one nearby to re-program to the system.

I went out to my vehicle and it would not energize:

If you ignore the indicators of a low battery; blinking LED, Decrease in range, the key fob has one more measure to prevent you from having to use the emergency bypass. If you ignore the warning signs of a low battery the key fob will kick itself out of Automatic mode and put itself into manual mode as a way to preserve any power it may have left. You will need to press the unlock button on your key fob in order to get the vehicle to start. ** Warning** DO NOT rely on this as your indicator of needing to change your batteries.